Our Teaching Community

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Ahh, look at these faces….they seriously light up the room!!!!

Alone, we can do so little, together, we can do so much. --Helen Keller

Dear Flow Community,

Perhaps the greatest gift a teacher can give is to help students unearth their own deep source of wisdom & intuition. From my experience, as a forever student, seeker and studio owner - that exchange most often happens when teachers are steady in their own wisdom journey and skilled at building trust and holding space for others.

I am so grateful for the teachers who have gathered in this way at Flow & made their teaching home here with us.  Our team is large, over 30 and growing in diversity and offerings -- with each teacher bringing their own special magic to their classes. They wake up early, stay late, take risks, follow their dreams, and stand strong in their passion to share & practice. Together we laugh, debate, grow, support and learn from each other.  

When we opened in 2004, Gail, Leah, Angela C, Caroline, Jen, and Cory were some of our first teachers.  Later around 2009-2010 came Jess, Hawah (who is returning!!), Brittanie, Todd, Clare & followed by Mimi & Cath.  By 2013-2016- Alicia, Jonathan, Angela M, Chris A, Susan, Jen D, Nicole, Aqeel, Michael, Monica, Pia and Sam joined our team and 2018 we completed our roster adding classes with Chris R, Amie, Elyse, James, Mike, Brandon, Yael, Dan, Sonia and Ashley.  

As I write this, I’m also thinking of teachers who moved away but whose impact at Flow was so big -- You may remember them! Some moved out west: Jill, Peg, Tori, Manisha, Greg, Lara, Adam, Kristin, Mike, Shawn & Jen, and south: Krista, Sierra, Siobhan, Joan, Christine Johanna, and north: Tazima, April, Ximena and some even out of the country: Radika, Terrence, Ximena G, Murat, Istar, Vanessa. A few even went on to teach elsewhere and open or manage other own studios: Fidel, Hugh, Rob, Susie, Mariska, Gopi, Corinna, Megan, Hari. And gratefully we have been graced by the amazing community of teachers who step in a sub like Caroline, Paige, Scott, Leti, Monica, Atticus, Marie who continue practice & teach with us.

Each teacher is a beautiful thread in the tapestry we’ve weaved together over the past 15 years to make Flow a unique & special home for you to practice. They help us stay steady during times of transition and encourage us to wake up to our truths, nourishing us along the winding path of our lives.

This past month we spent time celebrating them on Instagram & we will continue into March so please follow along as we continue to share our gratitude, and also stop by our community board on P Street to share your love notes with them too!

We hope to see you in class soon and if you have a favorite teacher or Flow story, we’d love to hear from you!

Warmest regards,


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