Yoga Teacher Training

“A teacher training should be led with utmost integrity, depth and the highest standards because we know a quality teacher who is both knowledgeable & prepared can make all of the difference in healing the world, from the inside out, one person at a time.”

If you’re considering a teacher training - we hope you’ll take a look at ours!

Flow offers the areas most respected and successful yoga teacher training programs - all hold the highest Yoga Alliance rating of 5-stars and have been ongoing for the past fifteen years! Our trainings include both a foundation training (200-hour) and a professional advanced training (300-hour) and are led by senior teachers all who have been teaching successfully for 10+ years.

Jump right to the programs below for information about our programs or if you’re not sure which one is a good fit for you - fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!

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Whether you're looking to deepen your own practice, step fully into the craft of teaching yoga or seeking to connect with a community of like-minded & supportive yogis, our 200-hour teacher training is the perfect place to begin.

Our foundational 200-hour program might be for you, if….

  • You love yoga.....the feeling of a nourished strong body, a calm mind, a sense of connection to yourself & others. And lately, you've been thinking you'd love to share it with others who may benefit. 

  • Or perhaps you have been dabbling in yoga for a few years and are getting more and more curious about it’s philosophies, rich history, breathing techniques and are seeking to discover & experience more!

  • You’re ready establish a stronger commitment to your own practice and maybe even need some support and accountability in doing so.

  • You’re ready for a change of pace & love the idea of going “back to school” to explore something you love with a like minded community.

    If any of this resonates, then this invitation is for you. We’d love to introduce our Foundational 200-hour training, which is offered twice a year and can’t wait to meet you!

After graduating from Flow’s 200-hour Program (or another approved 200-hour Training) you may move on to our 300-hour Trainings. These advanced trainings are the perfect place to hone your craft, advanced your teaching experiences and mentor with senior teachers.

Our 300-hour might be for you, if…

  • You’re a dedicated practitioner of yoga and/or a graduate of a 200-hour Teacher Training Program looking for a way to embody, share, and teach the yoga you love.

  • You’re seeking to shift your yoga practice from a routine or something you “should” do into an inspiring, daily nourishing ritual.

  • You’re inspired to move from teaching a memorized script
    to offering an embodied experience, straight from your own heart.

  • You’re ready to trust, cultivate, and share the power of your own authentic voice as a leader & teacher.

  • You loved your 200-hour experience and are looking to reconnect with a dedicated group of learners in an intentional and supportive community again.

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Flow’s Teacher Training program is an incredible experience that gave me the tools I needed to succeed as a well-rounded and confident yoga teacher. Not only did I create lifelong connections with some of the most amazing trainees and teachers, but I also gained immense knowledge and hands-on experience through the detailed and encouraging program. As soon as TT ended I enthusiastically auditioned at various studios, and not only did I receive glowing feedback on my demo class- I was offered 2 teaching spots! All in all, I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in teaching, expanding their knowledge, or connecting with a caring community.
— Logan C.