Teacher Training

I remember (15 years ago!) when I signed up for my yoga teacher training. I had just moved to DC, knew absolutely no one and was super nervous. 

I was not sure if I was good enough at yoga (let's just say crow pose was not my friend). I was not sure if I would feel out of place, or if it was a "wise investment". And I was definitely not sure that I even wanted to teach let alone take the risk of standing in the front of a room guiding a class!   I was hesitant to say the least.

Fast forward 20 years....it was probably the best (and most important) decision I have ever made. 

During my training I met two of my best of friends. And yes, I ended up teaching yoga- in fact 6 weeks into the training I started to feel confident enough to begin to teach “mini classes” to friends (and their friends) in my living room.  And I was not alone - everyone in our group seemed to be having their own life changing "ah ha moments" during the training experience. The consistent practice, inquiry and exploration of yoga opened up so many doors for us. Two of us eventually opened our own yoga studios. Many fellow trainees made major, positive life shifts in areas that they were previously feeling really stuck in  - including career changes, a cross country move and even a break up from a stale relationship. 

When I look back, I know these “ah -ha” moments were not by chance or coincidence...transformation is exactly what happens when we take the time to check into our lives using yoga & our steady practice as a lens for inquiry. Change for the better is possible when we take a good and honest look our current situations, ask (and answer) the tough questions including what is working and more importantly, what is not working & when we feel the encouraging support of a good community of fellow trainees & program leaders cheering us on and holding us accountable.

Teacher Training is hard work & we have an amazing curriculum 15 years in the making that will be supporting you the entire way through.

If you’ve been considering a training - here are a few inquiries we recommend to assess the strength of the program. Remember - a teacher training should be led with utmost integrity, depth and the highest standards.

  1. How long has the program been around? Does the program “accept” everyone that applies or is there an interview/vetting process? How many “teachers” have graduated from the program? Where are they currently teaching?

  2. Who are the teachers leading the training - and what is their experience / credentials. Did they write the curriculum? Who are their teachers? Where did they do their training? How many trainings have they led?

  3. What is the specific format of the training? Is it led by a main teacher or mostly guest teachers?

  4. What is the expectation on your attendance and work load outside of the training? How do they handle missed sessions?

  5. What kind of support will you get upon completion of the program?

  6. Is the program associated with the Yoga Alliance? Make sure you compare the Yoga Alliance criteria to the training schedule to assess if the syllabus is actually meeting the standards including the full 200 hours. You can also take a look at Yoga Alliance reviews - each trainee is asked to rate & remark on the training upon graduation.

  7. Does the school have advanced trainings to explore, like a 300 hour training and continuing education credits if you would like to further your studies?

  8. Finally, make sure you talk to program graduates to help give you insight on their training experience.

Taking a training is a big decision - and a big investment-so take the time you need to make sure it is a good fit for you. If you find the right one, it may just change your life too!

If you’re curious about Flow’s trainings - we’d love to meet you!

warm regards,