Manager Spotlight: Stephanie Seiler


Meet Stephanie! She is a senior manager with Flow and a member of our Happiness team, taking care of our Flowgis. Read on to find out her dream dog and how she got into yoga.

What is your current practice like and how does it fit into your daily routine?

Yoga is something that I have to prioritize and make part of my regular routine because it has so many benefits on my well-being. Currently I practice at Flow 3-4 times per week, which usually includes a vinyasa yoga class after work and a vinyasa or flow fit class after my Flow shift on Wednesday! I love getting in a variety of classes when I can and switching it up with a pilates or ashtanga class a few times per month. Coming to Flow is the perfect way to end my work day and if I don't have time to make it over to the studio sometimes I do a self led practice on my small balcony at home :)

What inspires you to practice at Flow?

There are SO many things that inspire me to practice at Flow! From the moment I first stepped into the studio I was greeted so incredibly warmly and immediately felt welcomed into the amazing Flow community. The positive energy and warmth is infectious and can be such a wonderful respite from the busy, fast paced, and at times intense energy that surrounds us in DC. Also, the variety of teachers and types of classes at Flow have inspired me to move out of my comfort zone and try classes and yoga postures that I wouldn't have been drawn to otherwise!

What was your first yoga experience like?

I attended my first yoga class apprehensively based on friend's urging and definitely wasn't yet buying into yoga and how amazing she kept saying it was. I remember being surprised at how challenging the class was and how much strength it required. It wasn't until I started attending a yoga studio regularly in upstate NY, after having moved there with my husband, without a job and a lot of time on my hands initially, that I truly discovered my love for yoga. I was hooked immediately and loved the combination of challenge and calm that I got from my practice. I also remember my first class there being the first time I ever took a heated class and being completely sweaty and unprepared!

Who are some of your most influential teachers?

This is a such a hard question because there are so many amazing teachers who have had an influence on me! My love of yoga started at a Baptiste affiliated studio in NY, which is also where I did my teacher training, so I was hugely influenced by several teachers there at the beginning of my yoga journey. Here at Flow I am inspired and challenged by so many teachers which has definitely provided me with a more well rounded and intelligent practice.

What is something the Flow community may not know about you?

Hmm something people may not know about me....I lived in the state of NY for 11 years before moving to DC (in NYC, Queens, and Rochester) so even though I grew up in the MD/DC area, NY still feels like my other home. I know DC tends to be a pretty transient place so it's nice being somewhere where I think a lot of people can relate to this!

Also, I love pugs and hope to have one someday :)

Anything else you would like to share?

I love Flow and feel so grateful to be part of the family!!