What makes for a transformative yoga class?

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I’ve spent thousands of hours on my yoga mat — alone at home, taking class, teaching class. And while all of those practices have left an imprint on my life, not every one has been super remarkable.

But many have.

After nearly 20 years of practicing yoga, I still carry with me the feeling of some of the most transformative yoga classes I’ve ever taken & taught.

Have you ever experienced an unforgettable feeling on your yoga mat?

Maybe it’s a heart-opening, tear-inducing backbend, when you’re least expecting it.

Maybe it’s the realization that you’ve been completely swept up in the flow and, for at a least few moments, you’ve left behind the stresses & busy-ness of your daily life.

Maybe it’s that moment in savasana when you feel completely at home in yourself.

Or it’s emerging from a yoga class, having finally figured out the answer to a problem that has been nagging you for awhile — without having actually spent any time worrying about it or thinking about it during class.

What makes for a yoga experience like this?

What stands out for me when I look back on my own transformative yoga classes isn’t so much… the pose we were doing, the song that was playing, or anything else that happened on that day.

It’s the quiet aspects I remember most: the surge of an emotion, the subtle shift of a feeling state, the way the sunlight danced across my mat, the gentle, yet sturdy touch of a hand offered in a simple child’s pose assist, the feeling of being seen & noticed, yet given space to have the experience I needed to have, to learn the lesson on my own.

At the helm of every transformative experience was a yoga teacher who could all at once offer her deep knowledge (from the anatomy to the energetics to the alignment to the history of yoga) with her own embodied experience of the practice & offer it to the class as shared wisdom of an ancient, universal practice brought to life in that particular moment & place.

These are the teachers who can create safe space, an authentic offering, and still leave room for their students to learn at their own pace and have the exact experience they need to have — all without ego, dogma, or attachment to a specific outcome.

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xo Cath & Sam