Our Classes Are For Everybody.

We offer over 90+ classes per week, Flow hosts the areas largest class schedule in the area - led by the areas most respected & expertly trained teaching team.

Whether your completely new to yoga or an experienced practitioner, you'll always find a class to fit your mood, your practice, and your schedule — classes that’ll make you move and sweat or slow down and unwind, that’ll tap your inner dancer or empower the spiritual warrior within.

If you’re new here or need a little help finding your perfect class we’d love to meet you!

All Levels 

These classes cater to everyone from the absolute beginner to the most advanced - all are welcome!  

Level 1

Foundations. The perfect place to begin and gain comfort and confidence. We move from pose to pose at a slower pace to build flexibility, strength & mindfulness, while occasionally pausing to investigate poses & the specifics of alignment.   Absolute beginners also enjoy our class series called Yoga Fundamentals.

Level 1 - 2

Open. These mixed level classes move at a steady pace with intelligent options & variations for all levels to explore & progress in a well rounded & dynamic class. Expect creative sequencing and mindful alignment cues as you deepen your practice both physically and spiritually.  Comfort in Level 1 classes is recommended. 

Level 2+

 Intermediate +.  Our level 2 classes are designed for experienced yogis.  Expect a practice that includes advanced poses, creative sequencing, yoga philosophy & mantra producing powerful and transformative experience.

Heated Classes

We elevate the temperatures in classes marked "heated" and "warm" classes with eco-friendly infrared heating panels - to provide the perfect blend of heat, moisture and fresh clean air. Temps for our "warm" classes run from low to mid 80s, and for "heated" classes from mid 80s to low 90s - based on the season and teacher's discretion. encourage Bring a towel or rent one of ours, you’ll need it!

gentle flow & deep stretch

opening, relaxing, therapeutic

Our soothing gentle class focuses on an exploration of basic yoga poses and how to connect them through attention to breathing, alignment and mindfulness.  Therapeutic in nature, you will learn techniques to help you gain flexibility, while immersing yourself in a relaxing class that moves at a perfectly slower pace - allowing ample time to enjoy each pose.  Expect lots of stretching & lingering in supported seated poses. Meditation and relaxation techniques will also be introduced, perfect for stress relief and overall well being. (Pace: slow. Music: gentle, meditative)  

Yoga Fundamentals Series

foundational, supportive, community

If you've been wondering what all the yoga buzz is about, and looking for the right moment to finally jump in and find out, this 4 - week series is for you.  It is offered once each month and we recommend making a reservation in advance to guarantee your space as it typically sells out. (Pace: slow & supportive; Music: mellow or none)

restorative yoga

restful, soothing, rejuvenating

Leave the hustle behind and come unwind with us.  Restorative yoga blends moving meditations and blissful therapeutic poses using supportive props. The practice is enhanced with soothing music and aromatherapy to help the body release, relax and renew. (Pace: slow to movement-free. Music: gentle, meditative)

mindful flow & yoga nidra

meditative, relaxing, harmonizing

A therapeutic blend of mindful movement and deep relaxation. Start with slow, meditative movement to build awareness, then channel this awareness through a guided restorative meditation specifically designed to interrupt habitual stress patterns and stabilize your mind, emotions and body. (Pace: slow to movement-free. Music: gentle, meditative)

mindfulness meditation

calming fortifying, focused

Leave the hustle behind and come unwind with us.  We’ll guide you in mindful practices designed to help you  reduce stress, increase calmness, clarity and happiness in your life. You’ll leave feeling refreshed and restored. (Pace: slow to movement-free. Music: none or meditative)


flow foundations + community fundraiser

welcoming, empowering, soulful

Perfect for total beginners to yoga, and anyone looking to strengthen the foundations of their existing practice. Move through accessible yoga sequences in a supportive environment to build strength, flexibility and community. Gain familiarity with all facets of a well-rounded yoga practice... postures, breath-work, meditation, and more. Each month we’ll donate all class proceeds to a non-profit working to uplift lives! (Pace: slow to medium. Music: yes.)

flow (1)

empowering, focused, transformative

Find your flow through this moving meditation. Mindfully link poses with the flow of your breath, music, mantra and yoga philosophy. We’ll move at a steady to vigorous pace as you cultivate balance between effort and ease and build strength, flexibility, grace and ultimately, inner stillness. (Pace: medium. Music: uplifting)

align & flow

steady, balanced, refined

Deepen your practice by finding your best possible expression of each pose! Flow at a moderate pace using your breath as a guide, and pause along the way to explore finer alignment details and personalized modifications that’ll leave you feeling more integrated and at ease in body and mind. (Pace: slow to medium. Music: chill, uplifting)

Iyengar Yoga

precise, fortifying, therapeutic

Experience the deepest gifts each yoga pose! Inspired by namesake Sri B.K.S. Iyengar, teachers focus meticulous attention helping you perfect your physical and energetic alignment. Move through intelligently sequenced poses using a wide array of props (blocks, blankets, straps, chairs and bolsters), to optimize each pose for your body and ability. (Pace: slow to medium. Music: none)  


flow (1-2 and 2+)

empowering, balanced, transformative

Find your flow in this inspiring vinyasa practice. Mindfully link poses with the flow of breath, music, mantra and yoga philosophy. Move at a steady to vigorous pace as you cultivate balance between effort and ease and build strength, flexibility, grace and ultimately, inner stillness. (Pace: medium to fast. Music: uplifting)

power flow

strong, powerful, energizing

Add a power boost to your traditional flow class! Creative & strong, these rigorous flows drop your into your body and breath as the pathway to greater mindfulness and liberation. Expect advanced asana playtime with healthy doses of arm balances, inversions & deep sweaty flows to build strength, vitality, and inner harmony. (Pace: medium to fast. Music: uplifting)


vigorous focused, strong

The classical ashtanga primary series is a set sequence of poses linked together seamlessly through sun salutations. Synchronize your breath with a continuous and vigorous flow of poses to build heat, endurance, flexibility, strength and mental focus.  It is the rhythm of the breath, not music, that creates the flow of this class! (Pace: medium. Music: none)

ashtanga mysore

challenging, powerful, disciplined

Practice in community as you work independently (under the care of expert teachers) through the classical Ashtanga yoga system. Expect loads of personalized attention from a dedicated teaching team who knows your name and understands your practice, strengths, goals and challenges. Surround yourself with an encouraging community practicing alongside you that inspires you to find and expand your edge.  (Pace: medium. Music: none)


uplifting, sweaty, power

Rocket is a dynamic class that re-sequences the disciplined Ashtanga yoga system into a playful, energetic practice. Begin with sun salutations & standing postures, then progress quickly into creatively-linked arm balances, inversions, and seated postures.  A true yoga adventure, class is taught using Sanskrit accompanied by an upbeat playlist. (Pace: medium to fast. Music: uplifting) dynamic.


dharma yoga

holistic, fortifying, balanced

The perfect blend of body, mind and spirit! Warm up with a series of dynamic, mindfully-linked poses to cleanse and prepare your body & mind for deeper, longer-held postures. Weave in breath-work, mantra, meditation, and yoga philosophy to leave you feeling balanced, calm, strong and nourished on all levels.  (Pace: slow to medium. Music: spiritual, uplifting)

fluid-power flow

Fluid, Strong, Liberating

Dissolve frenzied urban energy with this graceful and strong flow. Creative, fluid yoga sequences move at an intentionally unhurried pace to build strength, heat and suppleness in your body, settle your mind and return your spirit to natural, healthy rhythms. (Pace: slow to medium. Music: meditative, soulful.)

lunar flow

grounding, nourishing, meditative

Invite the rejuvenating energy of quieter mindful movement to nourish your natural grace and resilience. These fluid meditative flows redirect your energy from outward distractions to fuel your innate capacity for regeneration, balance and peace. (Pace: slow. Music: meditative, soulful.)

prana flow

creative, soulful, embodied

Prana Flow is a creative, full-spectrum vinyasa practice.  Every class is well-rounded to create whole body transformation of strength and fluidity, circulation and centering. You’ll practice classical and innovative sequences drawn from the rich traditions of classical yoga, Tantra, Ayurveda, Bhakti and Somatics to create whole body transformation of strength and fluidity, circulation and centering. (Pace: slow to medium. Music: soulful, uplifting.)

Prental Yoga

community, strength, supportive

Join together with a group of other expectant moms! You’ll practice a nourishing prenatal yoga sequence, breathing techniques and meditations to support you on your physical & spiritual journey toward birth & motherhood.


flow fit

energizing, powerful, cross-training

Our sweat inducing boot camp conditions your body and mind through strong intervals of functional movement using bands, weights and cardio blasts - working out each and every muscle. You’ll be pushed to your sweet edge with the support of an inspiring community and a great soundtrack to keep you motivated!  

pilates Strong

tone, strengthen & heal

You're stronger than you know!  Challenging focused movement is the core of this total body conditioning class. You'll sweat as you build long and lean muscle, improve your posture and get strong(er!). You’ll work hard but we promise to keep it fun by adding toys (aka rings, balls, weights) and great beats to make you smile as you sweat it out!

flow fusion

high intensity, challenging, sweaty

High intensity interval training (HIIT) has made its name as a strength-building cardio game changer. Flow Fusion is a HIIT-focused workout that leaves no muscle behind.  You’ll move through challenging strength-building and cardio intervals using dynamic resistance-training, bodyweight exercises, gliders and resistance bands as you thoroughly work you lower-body, upper-body, and core muscles to the max.

Here’s what are guests are saying:

“There is nothing like Flow, anywhere.” “Simply the best.” “Flow’s helped me find myself again after my divorce.” “I came here after my partner’s death and Flow’s classes & teachers helped me heal. I am so grateful.” “I feel stronger and more self confident after each class I take. Thank you Flow.” “You’re teachers are simply the best.” “ The number one requirement in finding my new apartment was that it had to be within walking distance to Flow.” “ I met my best friends here.” “ I met my husband at Flow!” “ You helped heal my broken heart.” “This place is the real deal.”