Flow's 30 Day Challenge Begins

January 2nd through February 1st 2019.  

Dedicate yourself to creating the shifts you desire by committing to a ritual of daily practice.

Inspired. Motivated. Ready. Join us for 30 days of magic!


How to participate
Take 25 classes over 30 days beginning January 2nd. Register using the form below and we will send you a welcome note to get you set up!

What counts
Any Flow class including Pilates, Meditation, Flowfit, Yoga…

How to track your classes
When you come to your first class on Jan 2nd, you will see the tracking boards at both studios and you can pick up a personal tracking card that will be waiting for you at the front desk! After each class, put up a gold star on the board to track your progress!  Please update the boards at both studios to stay up to date.

We’re going to support you the entire month! We will send you emails filled with tips & support (and a few contests) throughout the challenge. Complete all 25 classes - and get a flow tee!

Also, for each class you complete and mention on your social media pages (tagged #flow30 & #flowyogacenter) you'll automatically get a virtual ticket for our 30-Day Challenge Raffle - prizes include a free month of yoga, yoga mats & accessories and more.  The more times you post, the more virtual tickets you'll get, so post often!  


Can I take more than 1 class a day and count each of them?You can certainly take more than 1 class /day but only one will count towards your 25!

I completed my 25 classes. How can I get my t-shirt?
At the end of the challenge you will receive an email verifying your completion and we will coordinate your tshirt pick up!

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Here are some of the awesome answers from folks who are signing up for the challenge!  Why are you joining?

"Before I heard about the challenge I had already committed to at least 20 minutes of daily practice in 2017 so this will help jump start things."

"Practicing yoga always calms and heals my mind and body so a more regular practice will be a welcome change in the new year!"

 "I'm ready to fully dedicate myself to being happy!"

 "My dreams are to be flexible so my practice will keep me physically flexible and therefore I will be mentally flexible. "

"It will enhance my goal to become more present. "

"My body needs my love. And my love is a commitment to showing up at my mat, for my mind, my body and my heart."

 "Thank you for the nudge to challenge myself!! By keeping me on a schedule and from idly passing too much un-constructive time;)"

" Intention, Focus, Execution..all things I get from my practice will be applied to my daily life!"

" Yoga helps me cultivate kind words, positive thoughts, and ambitious visions for the future. Flow is my very favorite spot in DC so what better place to practice and get my year started!"