Flow's 30 Day Challenge Begins

January 2nd - February 1st

Dedicate yourself to creating the shifts you desire by committing to a ritual of daily practice.

Inspired. Motivated. Ready. Join us for 30 days of magic!

Living in a city like ours, it’s increasingly familiar to feel overwhelmed and hurried. A daily ritual of an embodied practice like yoga, especially within a supportive community offers a true refuge to recharge your spirits and renew & balance your energy and emotions.

Last year over 200 of you participated in our 30 Day Challenge and this year we begin on January 2nd. If you love the benefits you already notice from an occasional practice, imagine what consistency will bring!

We’ll start the challenge with an optional in person kick off meeting where we’ll gather together set our intentions, create a plan, and envision the next 30 days and beyond. Challenge participants will get in studio and online support, a daily tracker, lots of gold stars to mark your progress and be part of a community of support & encouragement to hold you accountable so all you have to do is show up!

How to participate
Take 25 classes over 30 days beginning January 2nd. Fill out form below to register.

And there’s more!

You’re are also invited to attend the free 30 Day Challenge Kick Off Meeting which will be held January 1st at 12pm-1pm (sign up here) where we’ll we will gather in community, set our intentions, create a plan, and envision the next 30 days and beyond! Wear comfortable clothes, bring your journal and if you have one, your planner!

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Read on….check out the faq section below!


FAQs & Support

What counts
Any Flow class including Pilates, Meditation, Flowfit, Yoga…

How to track your classes
When you come to your first class on Jan 2nd, you will see the tracking boards at both studios and you can pick up a personal tracking card that will be waiting for you at the front desk! After each class, put up a gold star on the board to track your progress!  Please update the boards at both studios to stay up to date.

We recommend you join us for the Jan 1st 12pm kick off meeting (you can sign up for that here). It’s optional but a great way to find some support and meet each other as you embark on the challenge! If you can’t make it, don’t worry! We will be send you emails filled with tips & support (and a few contests) throughout the challenge.

Can I take more than 1 class a day and count each of them?You can certainly take more than 1 class /day but only one will count towards your 25!

I completed my 25 classes. How can I get my t-shirt?
At the end of the challenge you will receive an email verifying your completion and we will coordinate your tshirt pick up!

Is there a special pass I can get to take these classes?

The most cost effective way to participate is by being a Flow Member and we have a great sale going on right now which will make participation just dollars a day!


Here are some of the awesome answers from folks who are signing up for the challenge!  Why are you joining?

“I am so glad you are doing this again- this was the absolute best way to start my year last year—I am looking forward to doing it for 2019- THANK YOU!!!”Here’s what this years challengers are saying when asked why they’re joining:

I did the challenge last year and absolutely loved how my body and mind felt after the 30 days. I've been looking forward to rebooting my practice and this is the best way I know how to do it!

I love the flow challenge!

To decrease injury and fight gravity (and win!)

To get back into a habit of practicing and to set myself up for success in the new year!

At this point, it's a January tradition!

Looking to start 2019 off right with intention, purpose, and clarity.

To help re-commit to yoga in the new year!

For a good start to a new year!

Start the year on the right foot!

To rebuild with healthy techniques.

To stay connected with and support my community at Flow!

To hold myself accountable and refocus on self care in 2019!

I did it last year and had a lot of fun!

I try and do this every year, it helps to keep me on the right path of maintaining a regular practice.

I'm planning to participate in the yoga teacher training at Flow, and have several milestones to complete this coming year, so I'd love to set my intentions right from the beginning!

I want to dedicate myself more to my practice and this is a great way to start!

I want to focus on prioritizing on making time for myself by practicing yoga more frequently and becoming more mindful.

It really helps get through January which is otherwise pretty depressing.

To start the new year on the right and positive footing! :)

To restore balance