Guest Spotlight: Asaki Bradford


Flow fam! We're so excited to feature our guest of the month, Asaki Bradford. Asaki has been coming to Flow for over three years. Diligent in her practice, learn more about this Flowgi who you can find in our daytime classes.  Please say hi if you see her around the studio! 

What inspires you to practice at Flow? 

I love the community, fellow students, and teachers! I love that classes are full of working folks, students, retirees- a huge cross-section of our city. I love the ability to form relationships that endure over years and I find it especially meaningful to have several teachers who offer consistently intelligent practices which challenge the mind as much as the body. 

What is your current practice like and how does it fit into your daily routine? 

My goal is to practice in the studio 2-3 times a week, I usually only manage twice a week for the 12:30 pm classes. As emotionally and physically helpful as the practice is, it is a true challenge organizing my day to afford not only the practice- but the commute. I pass 3 studios en route to Flow, and have visited a couple, but they don't feel like home- and so I work to organize my day to afford the important respite. While I always imagine the languid days of summer will make my practice easier to fit it- it is actually infinitely easier for me when my daughter is in school!

What was your first yoga experience like? 

My first experience was in college- some 25 years ago. I restarted 3 years ago. In truth, I wanted to love the experience as much as I did in college- and didn't. I took a level 1 class and found that challenging. It was really the negative self-talk that almost made me stop, thinking I should be able to do now what I could so easily do then. Debra supported me though, she always reminded me of the incremental progress I was making and over several (like 6!) months my body began to feel more accessible and my mind quieted. 

Who are some of your most influential teachers? 

Alicia Moyer guides me in tapping into my inner strength. Her practice feels both spiritually centered and physically exacting. Sam Breschi builds a practice that leaves me feeling like I've lovingly embraced every bit & fiber of my body. It's like I've been completely wrung out- but in the most loving, wonderful way. And, I have found that Aqeel Yaseen reminds me to laugh and enjoy the effort. Each offers a pretty different experience which I appreciate immensely. 

Anything else you would like to share? 

I feel like such a work in progress, and I am so thankful to have the time and ability to work on myself. I know I have become a better spouse, mom, and daughter in large measure because I have chosen to focus on love, and I practice patience every day. My yoga practice has provided a guide to quieting myself to allow love and patience to supplant other anxieties that used to lurk inside. I really feel very fortunate.