Will you follow your heart?

photo credit @drewxeron

photo credit @drewxeron

Fifteen years ago I did. Back then, in my mid-thirties, I was feeling uninspired about the work I was doing. I liked my job and I was pretty good at it, but I always had the nagging feeling it that there was something else out there for me. So when I heard my friend’s question "If money & time and all the other obstacles were out of the way.....what would your dream job be?"

Without a pause I said "I would open a yoga studio!"  I never uttered those words before and it surprised me when I heard myself say them, but when I did...whoa - the universe heard me loud and clear and a miraculous year later....I opened Flow's doors.  

That year was FILLED with obstacles. The  negative self talk & self doubt were constant companions.  So were the naysayers who told me to slow it down, go the baby step route & that it was crazy to leave such a great job. I remember the intense hesitation I felt as I walked into my boss' office to resign.  

I can still hear the "NO's" from potential landlords and banks who told me there is no way I would be approved to take out a lease & loan.  Oh, and the feeling of total freak out when I finally found a space and had to write a check transferring my life savings into a downpayment for our rent and buildout.  

But I also remember those who encouraged me and helped push me forward.  I surrounded myself with those people. 

And when I look back and reflect... I am most grateful that the one voice I listened to most clearly .... my own.  

Today,  I wish I could say that all my hesitations, doubts and  insecurities are long gone. They’re not! I still struggle with negative thoughts all of the time. (I’lll save that for a future post ;).  But I also know how to listen to the voice inside my heart and to trust my instincts.

And I knew back then as I know now....that it’s my steady yoga practice that has given me presence, confidence and clarity to live into my dreams.   And I know it was my practice that kept me going that year in the face of all of my fears and my hesitations.

How about you?  Is there a voice inside you that is yearning to be heard? Is there a dream you have been pushing away out of fear or insecurity? When you get really quiet and calm (like after your yoga practice!) what are the creative thoughts that swirl in your own mind and heart?  How do you push past your own self doubt and stories? Is there a way for you to turn your vulnerability into creativity? To align yourself more closely with your dreams?

We are here to support you. In fact, this is why we are here. Because we believe a yoga practice can inspire the best in you. And we also believe that when you are living into the best version of you- that there is opportunity to share your much needed gifts to help uplift others.

I am super excited about our upcoming offerings including workshops to help you deepen your connection and commitment to your practice and workshops to encourage your creativity including crafts, vision boarding,  dream catcher creation and more.  We couldn’t be more excited (and honored) to walk this path with you.

Stay in touch. Drop me a line or comment below to share your ideas.

Warm regards,