Manager Spotlight: Liz Cole!

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Flow Fam! Check out Liz, our Manager of the Month.  Liz is an animal and nature lover - learn more about her below!

What is your current practice like?

It is amazing - I have always been a vinyasa power flow kind of girl but these days I’ve been getting into slower, deeper flows and finding my cardio elsewhere (mainly spinning). I like the idea of having balance in my “movement diet” (Clare Kelley shoutout) and this is how I’m trying to find it. But I like that yoga changes with the seasons of the year and of life and I’m just going with the flow on that. Embracing my practice for whatever it is whenever it is.

What inspires you to practice at Flow?

The community. Every time I show up at Flow I get to catch up and practice with someone I’ve grown to love in our Flow family. It really feels like a second home! And I lived in DC for over a year before finally finding Flow and I felt like I finally found my space once I found it. So much love and gratitude for this place and these people!

What would your perfect DC day look like?

Oscar Bear snuggles (the cutest mutt you’ll ever meet), matcha lattes or tea dates with close friends, a class at flow with a favorite teacher (maybe even a double header on a really perfect day!) and some time at home being a hermit with my husband.

Do you like to listen to music when practicing? If so what are some of your favorite songs to hear in class?

Music is everything to me! I love it all depending on the class - from pop/hip hop/alternative to mantras. My home practice is full of music - it totally influences my energy.

Who are some of your most influential teachers?

Clare Kelley and Adam LaPierre have had a great influence on me - I admire them both so much. But I’ve also been heavily influenced by all of my fellow teachers in my 300 hour teacher training - this has been an incredible year of growth with the support of Debra, Cath, Alicia, and all of my loving classmates.

We love and appreciate you, Liz!

(*pictured with Oscar Bear here!*)