Online Waitlists at Flow

Greetings! Flows online waitlists offer a convenient way to book a reservation for full classes. Before you join an online waitlist though, please be sure you're completely comfortable with these two things...

  1. If you're on an online waitlist, when a spot in class becomes available, you'll be...
    • notified by email, at the address you use for your online account at Flow,  
    • emailed notification (sometimes) with as little as 30 minutes before class start time, and  
    • reserved automatically for the class, and charged for it.
  2. At 30 minutes before class start time, if you haven't gotten the email confirmation above, you will not be reserved for the class, and (because of system limitations) no longer on a waitlist for the class. At that point, if/when additional spots in class open up, they're offered on a first-come-first-served basis to guests physically waiting at Flow. We invite you to come to Flow to join the in-studio waitlist or reserve for another class.



To avoid charges for a reservation that you can’t keep, YOU must remove yourself from the online waitlist before you run out of time to travel to Flow safely in time for the class, and/or at least 2 hours before class start time.

Here’s how to remove yourself from an online waitlist...

  1. Login to your account on Flow’s online reservation system:
  2. Click “My Info & Schedule”,
  3. Click “My Schedule”,
  4. Click “Wait List”,
  5. Click “Cancel”.


If/when you’re added from an online waitlist and reserved for a class, the only way you’ll know is via email notification sent automatically from Flow’s online reservation system. Here's how to make sure you're opted in to receive these emails...

  1. Login to your account on Flow’s online reservation system:
  2. Click “My Info & Schedule”
  3. Click “Profile”
  4. Confirm that we’ve got your correct email address, and that it says “Yes” next to “Send me email notifications if my account or class schedule are impacted...”.
  5. Ensure that your email program doesn't block the email that sends this notification:

Thanks so much. Sorry for all the technical details, and we look forward to seeing you in class! If you have any questions or if there's anything we can do to assist you, please contact us at or 202-462-FLOW (3569). Namaste.