During snow days, we try to stick as close as we can to our regular schedule - and keep it safe for staff and guests to get to the studio.

Any class cancellations will be posted on our online schedule at least 1 hour before class - and usually more. So, if there's snowy/icy weather, check our online schedule first. For any Mon-Fri classes that start before 8am, we follow the federal government's snow & dismissal procedures (https://www.opm.gov/status/). If the federal government is closed or has a delayed opening, we cancel all classes before 8am. The federal government typically updates their status by 4:30am. So, you can check there yourselves in the early morn, or check Flow's online schedule an hour before class.

We hope to see you (snow or no snow), but if road conditions are bad, we hope you'll make time to enjoy a home practice. We also highly recommend snow angels!