Guest Spotlight: Djeinam Toure


Meet Djeinam! She can often be found in a midday class and never fails to bring some sunshine into the studio. Learn more about her below :)

What inspires you to practice at Flow?

It can take a while to find your 'yoga home' when moving to a new city -- it did for me when I came to DC. I went to a lot of different studio, but really fell in love with Flow through Alicia Moyers class and the way she encourages us to deepen our practice of curiosity and gratitude through her flow. As I've gotten to spend more time at Flow and to know many of the teachers, I find studio as a whole offers a culture of play and introspection that goes beyond (the really great) physical practice. It really lightens my life!

Tell us about your current practice including some of your favorite classes & teachers?

I love the midday classes during the week! They are a great pick-me-up and help me stay productive during my workday. Alicia Moyer's class is super creative and full of juicy stretches - I try not to miss it. I love how she slows down and unpacks our movements and creates awareness of how our bodies move through and hold poses. Its challenging in the best of ways. I really enjoy Chris' Monday noon class, as well. Its faster pace and energizing -- just what I need at the start of the week. Sam's Saturday morning class is another favorite. Its heated, which I really appreciate, and offer lots of room to explore new and challenging poses. Also, the co-teacher (whose name I haven't had a chance to learn) offers the *best* assists. I wish I could make it to Clare's classes on a regular basis -- they are really excellent and she is lovely.

Why is your yoga practice important to you?

My yoga practice really helps me be my best self. I can carve out time from the busy week and many demands on my attention to just focus on just exactly what is happening in that moment, while moving and breathing. I'm always much calmer, more appreciative, and simply happier after a yoga class. It's great perspective. My colleagues notice when I miss my lunchtime yoga...

What are some things you love about DC living?

I live east of the Capitol and I love the distinct character of my neighborhood and the tall trees. Gingko gardens and Salt and Sundry are some of my favorite places to shop and I like to eat on H Street.

What is something the Flow community may not know about you?

I call both Dakar, Senegal and Bamako, Mali home and I have a very scrappy cat.

Anything else you'd like to share?

Shout-out to the awesome welcome/sign-in folks at the desk who are always super friendly and take the time to learn and remember my name.