Manager Spotlight: Natalie

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Meet Natalie! She's a longtime Flowgi and a welcoming face you can find behind the front desk. Learn more about her below :)

What inspires you to practice at Flow?

I love coming to Flow to practice amongst talented and compassionate yogis and learn from a wide variety of teachers. Connecting with fellow KYs and managers is a bonus!

Tell us about your current practice including some of your favorite classes & teachers?

I'm trying to develop a more consistent ritual of personal practice at home, or wherever I might be. At Flow, I enjoy coming to classes with Sam, Alicia, and a variety of teachers. I'm always looking for different ways to participate in yoga around the community, from community practices in the park to spontaneous flows among friends.

Why is your yoga practice important to you?

Amidst the craziness of life, it helps ground me. From a good workout from a heated vinyasa flow to mindful mediation to engaging with the Flow community, there's always some aspect of yoga that is there for me when I need it.

What are some things you love about DC living?

It's great being able to bike and walk most places around town. I enjoy exploring new (to me) coffee shops and stopping at the Philips Collection and other museums around town. There are still so many Smithsonians I haven't been to. It's also lovely to have Rock Creek Park and the Arboretum nearby when I need a dose of nature.

What is something the Flow community may not know about you?

I'm from Michigan, so I enjoy the winter weather we've been having. In the Midwest, it's not winter if it doesn't snow (and stick) -- the more scarves required, the better.

Anything else you would like to share?

Start your weekend with a Vinyasa with Angela @ 6:45am -- I'm there every Friday morning!