Karma Yogi Spotlight: Dan Voit


Meet Dan! A joyous presence behind the front desk, he can be found in class almost every day. Learn more about him below :)

What inspires you to practice at Flow?

Flow has cultivated an amazing community that is always warm and welcoming. There’s nothing quite like making plans to take a class with a friend or running into a friend I didn’t expect to see. The way that the sunset hits the windows of either studio is pure magic.

Tell us about your current practice including some of your favorite classes & teachers?

I took 200-hour Teaching Training with Sam and Catherine earlier this year and they hold a special place on my yoga journey. I tend to take a lot of classes with Sam and Mimi Rieger because I gravitate towards classes that challenge my physically. I try to avoid developing strict routines and try to embrace the variety of offerings at Flow. Recently, I’ve enjoyed adding Pilates with Juliet or Cara classes to the mix.

Why is your yoga practice important to you?

My yoga practice is important to me because it helps me to be more present and attentive in all aspects of my life. We tend to be either forward or backwards looking which causes us to miss out of the moment we are experiencing. There’s a Kurt Vonnegut quote that I’ve reflected on frequently for years – I urge you to please notice when you are happy, and exclaim or murmur or think at some point, “If this isn't nice, I don't know what is” and I think a sustained yoga practice helps one to embrace this same spirit of gratitude and presence.

What are some things you love about DC living?

DC brings together people from all over to form a very diverse tapestry of cultures, beliefs, experiences, etc. There’s a lot of history in this city and the frenetic energy of the past and present is swirling all about. It feels very alive but simultaneously small. The city has a ton of great music venues and especially in the warmer months I love Glen’s Garden Market and my Sunday trips to the Dupont Farmer’s Market.

What is something the Flow community may not know about you?

I like to cook and embrace the challenges that come in learning how to prepare my favorite dishes constrained by limitations of an electric oven and city living. Most weeknights I can be found in my kitchen cooking and jamming out to some tunes. There’s always a seat at our table for guests and anyone is always welcome. I love cooking for others and sharing a meal with friends.

Anything else you would like to share?

My wife Kerri is my biggest supporter and inspires me daily. We enjoy taking a variety of exercise classes together and she is spin class champion.