Karma Yogi Spotlight: Graham Downey


Graham is a newer, exemplary addition to the Karma Yogi program here at Flow. His enthusiasm and selfless service truly embody the Flow community! Read on to learn more about him :)

What is your current practice like and how does it fit into your daily routine?

I practice four or five times a week, usually in the late afternoon or early evening. I try to make it to class at flow at least two or three times a week, but when I can't I practice at home and see if I can recreate some of the great sequences from my favorite led classes.

What inspires you to practice at Flow?

The care and creativity of the teachers. Every class feels made for me - a balance of challenge and support.

What was your first yoga experience like?

I took my first led class as a Sophomore at my college gym. I wasn't able to do most of the poses, but I still felt the physical rewards immediately. My body felt stronger and lighter and more open. It didn't translate into a regular practice immediately, but I did immediately tell a lot of people they just absolutely had to try it.

Who are some of your most influential teachers?

When I moved back to DC in 2016, Eric Schwarz's unusual and fun classes showed me that yoga wasn't just a workout. And then John Thurman showed me how an intense practice could energize my mind as much as my body.

What is something the Flow community may not know about you?

Practicing yoga has helped me become a much better bike polo player. We play pickup twice a week in DC; you should come with me sometime!