we are family!

Please join us to support our "Together Rising" fundraiser and community gathering (Saturday 7/14, 6:30pm at the National Cathedral) to help reunite & care for families separated at the US southern border.


What I admire and love most about Debra - my wife and partner at Flow - is the way she cares for our family. Her care-giving is instinctive and powerful and beautiful. And her view of “family” is in the biggest sense of the word… big enough to include everyone she knows personally, and also the lives she “meets” indirectly - through news and connection through her community.

Like many of you, seeing the bonds of family shredded recently at our country’s southern border broke our hearts. Personal politics aside, what pained us the most was the inhumanity in it - inhumanity unnecessary to uphold the law nobly. The way we uphold our laws matters. And we know there was - and is - an option here to uphold the law and our collective humanity.

In the fallout of what’s happened recently, Debra did what she does most naturally - she started to gather the family around her to step up for those that needed help. With the support of so many good people, it’s culminated in the “Together Rising” fundraiser and community gathering this Saturday at the National Cathedral.

I’m so inspired to help support what they’ve launched. And I want to invite you and help support it too... by making a donation, coming out to join us in person this Saturday, and ideally both!

Two last things to know…

  1. 100% of your donation will support groups leading efforts to reunite families, provide legal support, and heal the emotional trauma that continues for separated children and their parents. And,
  2. By coming together in this way, we reclaim some of the humanity that’s been sacrificed in all of this, and nurture our power to step up together for each other - our larger human family.

With admiration, gratitude and love to Debra and everyone out there on the front lines for family!