Manager Spotlight: Kathy Kern


Manager spotlight - lovely Kathy Kern!  Kathy is a shining example of a team player who is proactive, communicative, warm and friendly. We love you Kathy, and are so grateful you are part of the Flow Fam!

Learn more about Kathy below!

What inspires you to practice at Flow?

Initially, seven years ago, the location and the diversity of classes offered inspired me to practice at Flow. I was new to DC and looking for places to go and people to meet. Since then, the inspiration has evolved as I have gotten to know people who make Flow their yoga spot to practice and those in front and behind the scenes who collectively make Flow a great space to just be me.

What is your current practice like?

Right now, my practice leans towards the active. Vinyasa, Prana, Ashtanga, an occasional Rocket, mat Pilates to wake up the core. Together with running and painting, these practices are a meditation for me. To gather my thoughts and tuck them away for awhile. Of course, there is nothing like including in this active mix a restorative, completely relaxing class on Sunday evening to set the stage for the week to come.

What are some of your current favorite asanas and why?

I love headstands (Śīrṣāsana) and pigeon (Kapotasana). Headstands have been a part of my practice since the beginning. I am always amazed by the headstand pose in the way it allows the body to coordinate various bandhas and produce a pose that appears effortless and is, with practice. Each time I do the pose (and will do whenever I have a chance!) I learn more about how the bandhas can control the body and how the mind directs the bandhas.

Pigeon pose was one of my most elusive poses for years. It wasn’t comfortable. My mind would never relax while in it. Then one day, something clicked (in a good way) whether in my body or my mind or both, and the pose became one of calmness for me, a place to rest.

What is a typical day like for you and how does practice fit into your daily routine?

Currently, I am job searching. I begin the day with an early class (6:30 or 7 am). This gets me out of bed, moving and ready to focus on the day ahead.

During the day, I will take a break to meditate and refocus the efforts of the morning and then again in the evening I will practice on my own to wind down the day. I have been picking up a number of shifts at Flow and appreciate this as I have enjoyed getting to know most if not all of the people who practice at Flow, the KYs and managers.

I am grateful for being able to have the time to have the practice I have developed over the past few months. As I transition to a new position, I am keen to maintain the practice I have developed and also the relationships established at Flow.

Anything else you would like to share?

Thank you for selecting me. I enjoy my time behind the desk and on the mat at Flow!