New Year Resolutions


What do you resolve to do in the new year?

Happy New Year Yogis!  For the New Year, we asked a panel of our dear teachers how they handle resolutions. Here is a collection of their answers below......enjoy!


Cory: Meditate more.

Marion: Be present in every moment.

Ahmed: My personal goal is to absorb as much of each moment as I can.

Jonathan: Dropbacks.

Joan: May our vision for 2016 be in High Resolution!

Caroline: To find more opportunties to be of service.

Jen D.: Shift out of my head to be more present so I can show up for my in a much more meaningful and attentive way. I am hoping to move away from the state of constant rehashing and anticipating, worrying and judging!

Mimi: My resolution is to move more in my yoga practice and fitness routine!

Debra: More space for my family, less procrastinating on the hard stuff, more love, more kindness and more sharing!

Brittanie: I don't do resolutions. But I happen to know that 2016 is going to be amazing.

Linda: Instead of resolutions, I do a word. This year it is "Rooted".

Anglea: Getting into Nature more!

Susie: My hope for 2016 is to find more time to be in nature, even in the city. I recently went on a hike and man, what a great reset button!

Adam: My resolution is to live more simply!

Leah: Gave up the resolutions a few years ago, although was thinking this year that I need to spend less time checking social media and clicking through to silly reading and instead use that time to do things that bring me joy, bring me relaxation, or help me learn something new or be inspired.

Aqeel: I have no resolution but a few years back I made a decision to use every experience as a means for Self-realization. With guidance, support, and perseverance I have faith in that process.

Victoria: To practice being present in each moment, and to continually practice listening and speaking from a place of compassion and complete connection.

Todd: I don't have any resolutions, specifically. For me, a lot of things I continue to work on all come from wanting to cultivate compassion by living with compassion. Some days I do okay, while others...

Gail: No resolutions, gave them up years ago . . . but I continue to strive for more patience, understanding, empathy! (coming and going)

Shree: I attended Deepak Chopra's Retreat recently and my resolution for 2016 is "healing the heart of my students".

Clare: My intention this year is to be brave, wise, loving, and kind. I'm gonna need it for the year ahead of me.

Monica: My word of the year is "aligned," and I hope to cook or bake 1 new recipe per week