Studio Key Lockboxes

We've now got spare keys in a lockbox near both studios (see image at right). Here are the lockbox locations...

  • P. St - in front of the Wells Fargo Bank (across the street from the studio), attached to the iron planter box. 
  • 14th St. - directly next to the Chipotle entrance, attached to the metal rack just outside of the entrance door.

To open the lockbox, please get the current 3-letter code from the HR Team (email us at or text us at 703-594-1377). Once you have the code, here's how to open the lockbox...

  1. spin clockwise two times to reset the lock
  2. keep spinning clockwise until you land on LETTER 1
  3. spin counterclockwise (past LETTER 1 one time), and land on LETTER 2
  4. spin clockwise and land on the LETTER 3

To return the keys, and re-lock the lockbox... PLEASE KEEP THE KEYS ATTACHED TO THE LOCKBOX LID! This will help reduce the likelihood of forgetting to replace them. :) Keep the lid and keys together, use them as needed for your shift, then replace them at some convenient time before you leave. To return/re-lock, simply pop the lid back in place and spin the dial a couple of times to ensure it's relocked.