Yoga Basics is designed to introduce beginners to the foundations of yoga and provide an opportunity for practitioners seeking deeper instruction for their yoga practice -- all in a convenient extended, one-time session, designed with your busy schedule in mind.

yoga basics

A steady yoga practice will help you build strength, flexibility, balance, focus and inner peace.   

If you've been wondering what all the yoga buzz is about, and looking for the right moment to finally jump in and find out, Yoga Basics is your chance!

Yoga Basics is a 2.5 hour-long, small-group session, where you will receive individualized attention and the tools you need to build a foundational yoga practice.

Intended as an introduction to healthy & safe alignment in the yoga postures, Yoga Basics will familiarize students with the foundational yoga shapes, yogic breathing, meditation, and relaxation technique - great for stress relief & overall wellness.

Classes are taught by our experienced teachers in a semi-private setting to ensure everyone gets personalized, hands-on attention.

This one-time session is intended as an alternative or complement to our Yoga Fundamentals series - designed with your busy schedule in mind!

The course will will prepare you to step confidently into any of Flow's Level 1 classes. 

Yoga Basics typically sells out quickly. It is offered each month at the studio and we recommend making a reservation in advance to guarantee space.