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For you, teaching yoga isn’t just a job. It’s a calling.

You’ve graduated from a 200-hour and even taken additional advanced teacher trainings and workshops. You’ve had time to integrate, synthesize, and you’re likely already teaching with some level of success.

But you’ve reached the limits of your current offering.

You may be teaching and you feel...

  • Uninspired, disconnected, or burnt out from teaching your daily classes.

  • Like you don’t have enough time for your own yoga & meditation practices… or even basic self care.

  • Like there are gaps in your knowledge of anatomy & how the body works in yoga.

  • Like it’s impossible to keep up with all the latest research & science that’s come out about the body since your last teacher training.

  • Like you’re stuck in a sequencing rut or find yourself giving the same cues each class.

  • Like you’re not sure your physical assists are effective or you’re not even sure why you’re doing what you’re doing.

  • Like the yoga you fell in love with isn’t the yoga you’re teaching your students every class.

Deep down, you know you can teach from your heart. You're just not sure how to access it.  

How would you feel if every time you stepped into the classroom to teach, you were fresh and present and deeply connected? How would your students feel?

How would you show up if your outer offering of teaching yoga was an embodied experience of your inner study and personal practice?

What if you could teach the yoga you love?


Teaching From The Heart: A 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training & Mentorship Program was designed by Sam Breschi & Catherine Zack to uncover the answers to those questions and help yoga teachers take their teaching to the next level. This program is offered with you, the teacher, in mind. 

At the center of Teaching from the Heart is our opening module: The Daily Vinyasa, which will empower you with a plan for daily personal practice & self-study, an outline for your personal evolution, and new ways of approaching your yoga practice & teaching. It’s a simple starting premise, but not always easy to stay committed to: our most inspired and embodied teaching offering comes from our own personal daily practice. When your own practice is a place of ease & joy, it can also be a place of service for your teaching. The work begins here. Together, we’ll examine the roadblocks to daily practice, do a deep investigation of your current personal practice, and create clear pathways ahead toward your transformation. We’ll look at how the yoga we do on our mats plays a big role in how the “daily vinyasa” of our life and life’s work unfolds.

Our teaching philosophy is a beautiful marriage of both intellectual rigor and intuition. We’ll invite you to pour over source material — from yogic philosophical texts to the most cutting-edge research on the science of stress. And, at the same time, come into deep relationship with the wisdom of your own body, breath, and heart.

Curiosity, heart-felt inquiry, and lifelong studentship, rather than dogma or strict doctrine grounds our program and invites you to become the most authentic, impactful teacher & leader you can be.

This approach is clear in our undertaking of topics from The Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga to the Art of Assisting & Sequencing. For example,

  • In The Anatomy & Physiology of Yoga, we study. In this practical & applied approach to anatomy, we look at bodies, assess shapes, and learn in-depth knowledge to gain functional understanding. This is the yoga anatomy lesson you can actually use to elevate your teaching. We’ll work through 40 essential yoga poses to gain an intimate understanding of the key muscle groups, major joints, structural integrity & how connective tissue works, and how to harness strength & access ease in each pose. 

    • You’ll leave with an arsenal of practical tools to create immediate shifts in your students’ highly-individualized experience of yoga that will help them access freedom & presence in their bodies everyday.

  • In The Composition, we create. This is elevated sequencing for the everyday class experience. We consider how the daily rhythms & everyday moments of our lives inform what we teach.  We respond to the natural rhythm of the world around & within us. Technique meets enlivenment & embodiment. We give shape & form to esoteric energetic concepts. We’ll deconstruct base sequences and examine the elements of seasonality, dosha, time, place, and rhythm to give you the skills to map a clear path to take your own embodied experience of yoga & share it with your students in class. The mat becomes not only our laboratory, but a microcosm for your life.

    • You’ll leave with a fresh way of sequencing goes beyond explicit planning, linear progressions, and dusty canons. Here, we open ourselves up for it & to it. Here, we command the content of our own personal & collective experiences to create classes that inspire.

  • In The Art of Touch, we connect. In this interactive module, we’ll work together with mindfulness towards today’s changing dynamic - we’ll look at the politics, ethics, and cultural conversations to facilitate a safe, consensual, and beneficial relationship with physical touch. There is no such thing as “one-size-fits” all in the realm of adjusting. We’ll explore how to read bodies and energetic output with our knowledge about the form and function of each posture and movement.

  • You’ll leave confident in your ability to give and receive hands-on assists and physical touch to transform your experience of the asana. 

Teaching from the Heart is also a mentorship program: You’ll receive personal and individualized feedback & support to identify your obstacles, pain points, gaps in knowledge, and limitations to unlock your most potent teaching offering. And we invite you to take part in observing, assisting, and teaching opportunities within the context of our classes & workshops at Flow Yoga Center.


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Format & Requirements

  • Teaching from the Heart is designed for teachers & those with a longtime practice of yoga -- we’re refining our craft, building beyond the basics, dedicated to using our own practice as a laboratory for our learning.

  • If you’re ready to feel completely connected to yourself, your own yoga practice, your teaching, your offering and confident in your creative experience and deep knowledge, join us.

  • We recommend that you’ve already participated in a 200-Hour Teacher Training Program (or equivalent experience actually teaching yoga) — but if you haven’t & you’re interested, let’s talk! Email to connect.

  • Your commitment to the program and the process is essential and we're right here with you to support your evolution and growth.

Application Process

2019-2020 Teaching from the heart



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Sunday August 4, 10:30am-3pm

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