Teacher Team Leader

To Apply: Please send an email with the subject line “Teacher Team Leader” along with your resume and a cover letter to hrteam@flowyogacenter.com. No phone calls please.

About Flow

Since Flow Yoga Center’s humble beginnings in 2004, we’ve had two primary goals: 1) to create a warm and uplifting space for people to gather in community, support one another and explore the depths of a modern day yoga practice, and 2) to create an authentic home for the DC area’s most beloved and experienced yoga teachers. Today, we host about 80 classes/week and serve over 2,000 weekly students in the heart of DC’s bustling Logan Circle neighborhood. You can learn more about Flow here.

About The Job

Our Teacher Team Leader will collaborate closely with Flow’s founder and Creative Director to manage all aspects of Flow’s yoga, movement and healing arts programming - including group classes, workshops & special events, privates and more. This position will lead efforts to create, curate and manage all Flow program offerings and manage Flow’s world class teaching.

This is a part-time, at-will, FLSA-exempt management position.

Job Responsibilities

Lead a yogic lifestyle that inspires people to commit to their own consistent practice in a way serves their deepest wellbeing.


  • Group Classes: Assist Creative Director to create/curate/manage Flow's group classes. Optimize schedule based on attendance data, historic and current trends, seasonal needs, student input, etc.

  • Workshops & Special Events: Create/curate/manage Flow's workshops and special events. Strategically plan 12 months in advance to create a compelling schedule of offerings that synergize teacher gifts, student demand and seasonal needs. Include both Flow teachers and deeply-respected senior teachers internationally.

  • Off-Site Retreats: Create/curate/manage Flow’s off-site retreats. Lead efforts to develop 1-3 compelling destination retreats per year.

  • Manage all aspects of MBO publishing for classes, workshops and special events.

    • Manage teacher onboarding - bios/photos, pay rates, free memberships, etc.

    • Manage meta level MBO program settings and permissions:

      • Service Categories

      • Class Types

      • Class & Enrollment Management

      • Room resources

    • Manage scheduling for classes, workshops & special events.

    • Manage teacher/class subs - including notifications to students, staff & teachers.

    • Manage all pricing options - to support Flow’s pricing strategy.

    • Manage contracts - terms and pricing. 

    • Manage integrations with MBO mobile and branded apps.

    • Manage integrations with Classpass & Zenrez

    • etc.


  • Assist Creative Director to help recruit & hire teaching staff.

  • Manage teacher HR logistics - including onboarding/offboarding, contracts, insurance, Flow orientation/training etc.

  • Manage monthly teacher payroll.

  • Manage teacher subbing/cancellations.

    • Design/manage processes that allow teachers to self-manage 95%+ of subbing needs.

    • Curate long-range subbing and planned time-off requests.

    • Assist teachers with emergency last-minute subbing needs.

    • etc.

  • Manage teacher performance

    • Define baseline attendance and retention metrics, and collaboratively manage teachers to ensure they meet/surpass these benchmarks. Curate class schedule times, offerings, levels, etc. accordingly. 

    • Ensure teachers work successfully with front desk staff to create warm welcomes for students and ensure students get smoothly settled into classes. 

    • Ensure on-time starts/ends to classes.

    • Manage teacher no-shows.

    • Manage teacher professional development.

  • Collaborate with Sr. Facilities Manager to manage teacher equipment needs - including ordering, storage, maintenance, etc.

  • Collaborate with Creative Director to manage Flow’s blossoming teacher program - including recruiting, training, scheduling and mentoring.

  • Assist Creative Director to help lead teacher team communications and community building - esp. via weekly/monthly teaching team email, studio-wide focus of the month, fun get-togethers to build teaching team community/chemistry, etc.


  • collaborate with Flow's Creative Director and COO to help develop big-picture strategy for individual and small group privates - including the menu of offerings, pricing, schedule, booking processes, teacher management, marketing strategy, etc.)

  • manage teachers engaged in privates - esp. contracts and pay rates, available/unavailable schedule management in MBO, performance/reviews, etc.

  • manage client inquiries and bookings

  • manage all logistics for off-site privates

  • manage all aspects of MBO publishing for privates - see MBO publishing duties above, and add management of all settings related to appointments.

  • collaborate with Flow’s Sr. Marketing Manager to help market privates to guests.

Job-holder Qualities

  • a passion for service – esp. as it relates to caring for the well-being of others

  • mastery of “soft-skills”

    • high EQ

    • warm/welcoming/glass-half-full personality

    • a highly extroverted, people-person who leads with grace and enthusiasm

    • expert in the art of “holding a line with sunshine” (i.e. balancing firmness with kindness)

  • reflexive leadership qualities including integrity/authenticity, patience, passion, focus, confidence, open-mindedness, persistence

  • hard-working/self-starter/takes initiative

  • highly creative

  • a natural team-player - comfortable “managing up” and working collegially with colleagues and direct reports. Knows when to go with the flow and how/when to disagree constructively.

  • exceptional follow-through skills

  • reliable

  • thrives in a fast-paced environment -  comfortable multi-tasking and working efficiently

  • exemplifies work-life balance

Job-holder Qualifications

  • a passion for yoga and a regular yoga practice

  • demonstrable leadership experience with a proven ability to anticipate and respond to needs proactively, work independently, and problem-solve constructively

  • at least 3 years experience teaching yoga in a studio setting.

  • at least 1 year experience managing a yoga studio.

  • at least 1 year experience curating a yoga and wellness schedule with demonstrable success based on both quantitative and qualitative benchmarks

  • at least 1 year experience managing a yoga and wellness teaching team - including a lead role shaping/managing systems for...

    • recruiting

    • hiring/onboarding

    • training

    • performance management

    • professional development

    • firing/offboarding

    • staff-wide communications 

    • staff community-building

  • a strong tech aptitude with demonstrable experience & expertise in...

    • advanced mindbodyonline.com management

    • all things Google

    • MS Office (esp. MS Excel)

  • excellent written & verbal communications skills

  • highly organized with a superb attention to detail

    • familiar with “Getting Things Done” task management or similar

    • uses an online task management system

    • uses an online calendar

    • zero inbox

Job Hours

  • 25-30 regularly-scheduled hours/week (specific times/days TBD)

    • 1-2 weekly shifts at Flow’s front desk

    • 15-20+ regularly-scheduled project hours/week (most telecommuting, with some on-site)

  • flexibility to work some evenings and weekends

Salary & Benefits

  • salary - a competitive senior yoga studio manager salary commensurate with skills and experience.

  • paid time off - accrued as follows…

    • 20 PTO hours/qtr (80 hours/year) - for employees working 20-29 work hrs/week

    • 30 PTO hours/qtr (120 hours/year) - for employees working 30-35 work hrs/week

    • 40 PTO hours/qtr (160 hours/year) - for employees working 36-40 work hrs/week

      Any hours not used in given quarter will be rolled over to the next quarter, and any hours not used in a given year will be rolled over to the next year. 

  • 401k retirement plan After one year of service, for employees working 20+ hours/week. We currently match up to 4% of employee's voluntary contributions.

  • healthcare plan - For employees working 30+ hours/week. We currently have two options: 1) a PPO plan with United Healthcare where we pay for 50% of premiums. Employee contributions are deducted pre-tax by our payroll company. 2) 50% coverage for staffer's individual healthcare plan premiums (up to $100.00/month)

  • unlimited free yoga classes at Flow

  • 15% discounts on designated workshops by Flow teachers

  • 20% discounts on full-priced retail sold at Flow

  • social and educational events (for the Flow staff family).

  • a relaxed and dynamic work environment (e.g. no shoes necessary, committed yogi/yogini work colleagues, work that brightens our world – one human being at a time.) ;)

We're also always looking for great folks to join our team of managers and karma yogis

Flow Yoga Center is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, marital status, personal appearance, family responsibilities, genetic information, disability, matriculation, political affiliation, veteran status, or liability for service in the Armed forces of the United States.