Flow's Annual Open House & Yoga Discussion 


Please join us Sat Jan 20th at 430pm to celebrate the new year, connect with community and enjoy delicious snacks & good company.  RSVP below to let us know that you are joining us ---  and to enter our raffles. 

We will be giving away lots of goodies including memberships, yoga mats and more plus at 5pm we will host a panel titled "Everything You Wanted to Know About Yoga But Were Afraid To Ask" moderated by our teachers!

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Our panel will consist of Flow teachers and is called "Everything You Wanted to Know about Yoga But Were Afraid To Ask". Share a question day of or right here, we will be sure to include it!
Please share your favorite pose and be entered into our raffles we will be hosting at the Fest!


Teacher Panel Discussion

Moderator: Laura Zam, Panel Teachers: Jonathan Ewing, Jessica Lazar, Jen Rene, Clare Kelley, Angela Cerkevich , Linda Naini

Keep the questions coming..here are some that you sent in last year, and of course there will be time to ask them live during the event too!

  • What is the most important thing you've learned from practicing?
  • What do you think about cultural appropriation?
  • What is the best way to find a teacher? How do you check on experience & qualifications?
  • How do you prepare for a yoga class? What are thee steps to planning a solid class?
  • How do you zone out during savasana?
  • Is it unhealthy to feel competitive/inadequate when doing yoga in a class? I usually try to stay really centered and focused, but it kinda feels like the advantage of a class is to see other people and push yourself to be as "good" as they are.
  • Do you find that there is a problem with wrongful intention in the yoga community? How do you foster an intentional community?
  • Can Yoga cause damage to muscles and bones?
  • In the warrior poses, what aspect is most important (or integral to the pose)? For example, in warrior 1, should I be more concerned with whether my hips are square to the front of my mat or whether my feet are properly aligned?
  • What do you recommend for yoga-related injury prevention?
  • Sometimes I have heard teachers speak of certain poses helping to get rid of "toxins" or to aid in "detoxing." What does this mean? Is it a metaphor?
  • What is the best benefit yoga has brought to your life?
  • When did ritual become a commodity. Is self realization and spirituality for sale?
  • Did you ever doubt you would be a good yoga instructor?
  • What do you think about yoga + social media?
  • How many calories typically are burned in a flow class?