Thank you so much for making Flow your yoga home, and for storing your mat with us! Please see our main mat storage page for details on requesting and canceling mat storage at Flow. Please see below for details to on how to store your mat with us, additional mat storage perks, how to cancel your mat storage, and more. 

For Flow Members. Mat storage at Flow is available (space-permitting) on a first-come-first-served basis for anyone with an active month-to-month or yearly membership at Flow.

Unlimited Mat & Towel Rentals! Mat storage at Flow includes a spot in our mat closet (space-permitting), and also unlimited mat and towel rentals at both Flow locations. If you're ever running short on time and can't grab your mat before your class, feel free to borrow one of rental mats. Also, help yourself to a full length mat towel or hand towel (one per visit please) to help keep you and your mat slip-free.

Mat Shelf # and Mat Tag. You'll be assigned a shelf # for your mat, and get a mat tag to attach to your mat which will list your name and storage shelf #. This will make it easier for you and Flow to keep track of your mat, and ensure your mat has an active home in our mat storage area. :) Thanks in advance for keeping your mat on your assigned shelf and your mat tag on.

Mats Only Please. We've got limited mat storage space, so thank you in advance for storing your mat only, and keeping other accessories at home (e.g. towels, mat bags, clothing, etc.)

Monthly Auto-Payments. You agree to leave a valid credit or debit card on file with Flow, and authorize Flow to charge your card automatically <AUTOPAYAMOUNT> each month. The card you've currently designated for this ends in <LASTFOURDIGITS>. If your card number changes, expires, or you have a change of address, please update your information online at http://www.flowyogacenter.com/myaccount, or notify us by email at care@flowyogacenter.com at least 10 days before your next scheduled monthly payment so that we can help you update your card. Flow reserves the right to cancel your mat storage after any unsuccessful charge attempt. Flow is not responsible for any fees assessed by your bank or credit card provider for lack of funds, overcharges, or any other fees.

To Cancel Your Mat Storage. You can cancel your mat storage anytime free-of-charge with at least 10 days notice before the date of your next scheduled monthly payment. All cancellation requests must be made online at http://www.flowyogacenter.com/matstoragecancel. We try our best to process cancellations quickly, but for those made with less than 10 days notice, the next month’s fee may be charged. We’re sorry but we don’t offer pro-rated refunds for cancellations made part way through a month.

Agreement Updates. Flow reserves the right to amend the terms of this Agreement at any time. The full terms of your agreement, as updated by any changes, are located at http://www.flowyogacenter.com/matstorageterms . We'll notify you if there are changes but in case you miss it, please check periodically for any agreement changes to ensure that you're familiar with the most current terms.