Join us this Fall for our martial arts program for kids ages 5-12! 



Begins September 6th

We encourage your child to attend classes up to 2x a week.   

Prices:  $100/month ; $200 for a 10 pack or $25 for a drop in.

*Please note if this is your child's first time we are always available to chat about the program after each class session.  


Junior Martial Arts (ages 5-12) - Monday, Wednesday 4:30pm - 5:15pm


Personal Development

Our kids program focuses on functional self protection and personal development. We believe that martial arts should emphasize simple yet effective techniques that work in real life situations while strengthening our children from the inside out through the teaching of life skills.  At every class here at the Flow Yoga Martial Arts Center, we ask and answer the question: Who are you becoming as a result of what you do?  During our daily practice our children recite and learn of the principles of black belt including:   

1. Modesty

2. Integrity

3. Courtesy

4. Self-control

5. Perseverance

6. indomitable Spirit

These tenets guide the emotional, mental and physical teachings of our Kids Martial Arts Program in a fun and nurturing environment. Our ultimate goal is to build the leaders of tomorrow by training the kids of today!

Junior Peaceful Warrior

"Martial Arts without philosophy is just street fighting."  Coupled with a strong character development program, your child will have the ability to discern when or when NOT to use their martial arts. The life skills learned, combined with the confidence earned through training martial arts.  It is our sincere hope that your child will never have to defend themselves in a self protection scenario. In the event that they do, our mission is to make sure that they are prepared to do so. Buck Grant has spent over 2 decades, training, discovering and testing various martial arts with the goal of developing a functional and effective martial art. Pulling from the styles of Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, his system emphasizes basic, time tested techniques that work for kids of all sizes, shapes and abilities.