200-Hour TT Graduation Application

Name *
I attended (or made-up hours with an approved equivalent) all scheduled training hours as listed in your Syllabus. *
I completed all reading assignments as outlined in syllabus, sessions, and emails. *
I have composed two class sequences. One as part of my TT presentation and one for any special audience I plan on teaching. *
Note: You do not have to hand in both of these - only the class you do your 15 minute presentation on. The other one is for you. Please submit this deliverable in your folder.
I have taught a 15-minute class to my TT peers. *
I participated in a philosophy group presentation.
Please write about your overall experience with your daily sadhana. Did you practice daily? Most days? Was it a challenge or was it easy? Were you able to devote at least a few minutes a day to reflection and going inward?
Response Papers to The Heart of Yoga and book of choice. *
I completed this. Please submit this deliverable in your folder.
5-class Write-Ups *
I have taken 18 yoga classes at Flow (you can check under your Flow account for confirmation) or approved classes elsewhere and am submitting a review about my experiences in 5 of them. Please submit this deliverable in your folder.
I am ready to graduate, please give my certificate! *
Once we send you approval, you can pick your certificate up at the front desk. If you have moved out of the area, we can mail it to you. Please put your mailing address in the "Other" section below.
Please submit this deliverable to debra@flowyogacenter.com or if you are graduating after June 9th, please include in your folder.