Here are shortcuts to Pause Your Flowpass and/or Cancel Your Flowpass.  Flowpass Membership contract terms are below... 

Flowpass Membership – Agreement

PLEASE NOTE: For most month-to-month memberships, there's a 2-month minimum when the membership first begins. After 2 months, you may terminate free-of-charge at any time, although (of course) we'd love to have you continue practicing with us. ;) If/when your membership auto-renews (annually for most memberships) this 3-month minimum does not apply. Namaste.

This Agreement for our Flowpass Membership (“Flowpass”) between Flow Yoga Center (“Flow”) located at 1450 P. St., NW Washington DC 20005 and <GUEST NAME> became (or becomes) active on <CONTRACT START DATE>.

Flow reserves the right to amend the terms of this agreement at any time. The full terms of your agreement, as updated by any changes, are located at We encourage you to check back periodically for any agreement changes to ensure that you're familiar with the most current version.

With an active Flowpass, you’ll enjoy…

  • Unlimited classes at Flow! Come to as many classes with available space as you like from the classes listed on the Daily Classes tab of our online reservation system: (NOTE: Mysore classes are included only in Flowpass + Mysore memberships. Workshops, Events and Privates are not included in this contract.)

  • 10% off of all regularly-priced workshops taught by Flow teachers

  • 10% off of all regularly-priced items in our eco-tique “Glow”

  • 10% off one-on-one yoga privates and body work!

  • a FREE guest pass each month

  • a FREE month for each friend you refer who becomes a new monthly or annual Flow member

  • freedom to pause your pass if you're traveling, busy, or just need a break (up to 90 days/year, $10/pause)

  • freedom to cancel your pass -- at no charge -- anytime after your first 2 months

  • additional specials throughout the year (e.g. seasonal discounts, advanced sales for popular workshops, and more…)

AUTO-PAYMENTS (for month-to-month memberships only)
You agree to leave a valid credit or debit card on file with Flow, and authorize Flow to charge your card automatically <MONTHLY PRICE> each month.  

The card you used to initiate this agreement ends in <LAST 4 DIGITS OF CARD>.  If your card number changes, expires, or you have a change of address, you must update your information in our online reservation system (, or notify us in writing at at least 10 days before your next scheduled monthly payment so that we can update your information for you. A $10/month penalty fee may be assessed if your card information is not updated and your scheduled monthly auto-pay is unsuccessful. Flow reserves the right to cancel your Flowpass after any unsuccessful charge attempt.

Flow is not responsible for any fees assessed by your bank or credit card provider for lack of funds, overcharges, or any other fees.

To secure a spot in your favorite classes, we encourage you to reserve ahead of time.  To make a reservation, please visit Flow's online reservation system (  Just login, and click “Reserve Now” for any classes you’d like to attend.

If a class is sold out, no worries… You can add yourself to an online waitlist, which will reserve you automatically if/when a spot opens up.

We encourage you to arrive at least 10-15 minutes before your scheduled class to give yourself unrushed time to check-in and get settled before class starts. We invite you to come early, relax in our lounge, enjoy some complimentary tea and connect with the Flow community. In order to maintain sacred space in class and reduce the likelihood of injury, we cannot always accept late arrivers in class after class has started, and don’t allow entry 10+ minutes after a class begins. If there is a waitlist for a class, at 5 minutes before start time, pre-reserved guests who haven't checked in for class will "gift" their reservations to guests on the waitlist who are present at the studio. 

Can’t make it to a class that you pre-reserved? No worries. Just cancel at least 2 hours before class start time, and you won’t be charged for the class. We have two convenient ways to cancel...

  • Cancel Online: The most convenient way to cancel a reservation is to cancel online. Just login to Flow's web-scheduler (, click “My Schedule”, then click “Cancel” for any reserved classes you can’t make.

  • Cancel By Phone: If you’re in a pinch, running late, and can’t cancel online, you can cancel over the phone by calling 202.462.FLOW (3569). If we don't answer the phone, just leave a message with your name and the time of the class reservation you need to cancel. We'll take care of the rest.

For the sake of your fellow Flow guests, we ask (per above) that you please cancel any reservations that you can't keep at least 2 hours before class start time.  This will ensure that other Flow guests can make use of the spot that you weren’t able to use. 

Less than 4 missed reservations per month please! We know that "life happens". So, up to 3 times/month, don't worry if you can't show up for a reservation, or can't cancel 2+ hours before class. If it happens 4+ times/month, though, we'll temporarily "freeze" your ability to pre-reserve for classes (for 2 weeks), and remove any current class reservations.


Traveling for an extended trip? Immersed in a time-consuming project? Just need a temporary break from your practice? Whatever the case may be, we’re happy to pause your Flowpass as often as you like for a total of 90 days in any 12-month period.

  • The Fee. Each pause (except for injuries - see below) incurs a $10.00 administrative fee which will be charged to the credit card you have on file with us.

  • 10 Days Notice Please. Kindly submit your Pause Request at least 10 days before your desired Start Pause Date. If we receive your Pause Request less than 10 days prior to the date you'd like your pause to begin, and you are charged your monthly membership fee before the pause is made, not to worry. You won't lose a single day of value on your Flowpass. We'll simply hold this payment as a credit on your account, and apply it on your next payment date after your pause ends. (Flow regrets it cannot refund this charge back to your credit card.)

  • In Case of Injury/Illness: If you’re unable to practice as the result of injury or illness, there is no fee to pause. Please just fill out the form below and be sure to check the illness/injury section. When you're ready to resume your practice, we'll ask you to email us a doctor's note, indicating that you've got a clean bill of health to resume practice. Email that note to Please allow 48 hours for us to re-activate your account.



  • Month-to-Month Memberships: Most month-to-month Flowpass memberships will auto-renew each month indefinitely until you terminate your contract. The one exception is our discounted "Flowpass Membership - Student Special". This membership will auto-renew each month for just the first 12 months that the pass is "active" (not including any time that the pass is paused, if applicable). So, if you're still a full-time student after one year, please visit Flow with your active student ID to renew at the then current price.

    All month-to-month Flowpass memberships can be terminated free of charge anytime after the first 2 months that your pass is active. For any cancellations made prior to the first 2 active months of your pass, you’ll be charged the balance of what would have been the full cost of the first 2 months of your contract. Any time that your Flowpass is paused (as per above) will not count toward this initial 2-month active period. 

  • Six-Month and One-Year Memberships: Six-month and one-year unlimited memberships remain active for the full term of the contract and may not be terminated early.  

  • 10 Days Notice Please. Kindly submit your cancellation request at least 10 days before your next scheduled auto-payment date. If we receive your request less than 10 days prior to this date, your next month’s fee will be charged. We’re sorry but we don’t offer pro-rated refunds for cancellations processed after your most recent auto-pay. 

  • HERE IS THE CANCELLATION REQUEST FORM. All cancellation requests must be made online here: