Below are tips to acquaint you with our studios. Please feel free to contact us for any additional information.

Our two beautiful studio spaces are located less than one block from of each other.  Each space has a welcoming lounge area where you can relax before or after class, help yourself to delicious organic teas, and connect & meet with old friends and new. Sharing time outside of the class is a wonderful way to deepen your practice and develop community.


New to Flow?



Honor Your Instincts


Mat & Towel Rental

Welcome!  You're in a great spot. :) In addition to the info below, if you have any questions or if there's anything more we can do to make your experience at Flow more exceptional, please reach out to our Studio Happiness Manager at anytime - or 202-798-2657. Also, be sure to check out the "New to Flow" link at the top of all of our webpages for details on our New To Flow Specials, intro classes and more. 

We have two locations in the heart of Washington DC's Logan Circle neighborhood. The location of your class or event (1450 P. St. OR 1508 14th St.) will be listed in your class name or description. And here are some other travel & parking tips to help you smoothly navigate your way to Flow.

Yoga is not a competitive practice - it's a practice intended encourage self discovery, healing, connection and empowerment. Always let your teacher know if you have any injuries or special health conditions. Most importantly, always listen to your body and intuition, and never push yourself to a point of pain. 

For a practice, we recommend any comfortable clothing that won't restrict your movement. We invite you to remove your shoes upon entering the studio to start the process of unwinding and to help us provide a barefoot-friendly space. 

Please enjoy a complimentary mat and towel rental for your first visit!  We offer Manduka Pro yoga mats and both Manduka full-length mat towels and hand towels, and additional rentals are $2/rental. To keep you slip-free and safe, towels are required for all of our heated classes. If you tend to sweat during practice that's a great and healthy thing - thank you in advance for bringing or renting a towel to keep your mat and classroom floors from getting slippery. 

Food & Drink


Cell Phones

Please help yourself anytime to complimentary filtered water, tea and snacks. We offer small iron tea cups, and refrain from using paper and plastic in an effort to reduce waste. Please also feel free to fill up your favorite water bottle!  We encourage you not to eat at least 2 hours before your class as practicing on an empty stomach will offer a more comfortable and clarifying experience. With exception of water, we thank you in advance for keeping food and beverages out of the practice rooms.

We invite you to give yourself a break from the constant demands of your electronics.  As a courtesy to the Flow community, and to maintain a sacred practice space, we also ask that all electronics be silenced or turned off in classrooms, and that any necessary phone conversations take place in our lounge.


We have shelves *inside* all of our practice spaces for small valuables (especially your wallet, keys, phone, laptop, etc.). We highly encourage you to use them, as Flow cannot be responsible for lost or stolen items. 

Heated Classes

To keep you slip-free and safe, towels are required for all of our heated classes.  The temperature ranges from 85-95 degrees, and the room will be heated mindfully according to the season and teachers discretion.  Be prepared to sweat!  Fresh water is nearby in our filtered fountains. 

Online Reservations

While walk-ins are always welcome, we highly encourage you to make an online reservation, as many of our classes fill up - especially after 5pm, Monday through Friday and on the weekends. Click here to visit our online reservation system


If your desired class is booked online, you can use our online reservation system to join an online waitlist.  If and when a spot becomes available, you'll be reserved automatically and notified via email. In addition, you're welcome to come to Flow in person and join an in-studio waitlist, where available spots are offered on a first-come-first-served basis.

Arrival Time

We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes prior to class start time to give yourself some un-rushed time to check-in and get settled. We invite you to relax in our lounge and treat yourself some complimentary tea before and after class. To make for smooth and on-time class start times, we only hold reservations up to 5 minutes before the start of class. So, to keep any reservations you've made, please be sure to check-in at our front desk at least 5 minutes before class start time

Late Arrivals

We will hold reservations up until 5 minutes before class start time.  After this time, if there's a waitlist for a full class, your reservation may be "gifted" to a fellow yogi/yogini who's waiting. For all other classes, in order to maintain a sacred classroom space, avoid disruption and reduce the likelihood of injury, we cannot always accept late arrivals and will not allow entry 10 minutes after a class begins. 

Class Cancellations

Reservations for all classes must be canceled at least 2 hours prior to the start of class time in order to avoid charges. You may cancel your reservation online by logging into our reservation system, clicking "My Schedule" followed by "Cancel" for any reserved classes you can't make. You can also cancel by calling (202) 462-3569. If we don’t answer the phone, you can leave us a message with your name and class time, and we'll take care of canceling your reservation for you.

Event & Workshop Cancellations

The cancellation policy for any Flow workshop or special event care is listed in the event description on our Special Events page. Refunds for eligible cancellations are issued as Flow account credits (minus a $5 transaction fee). These credits never expire and can be used toward any future Flow purchases. Beyond this, event and workshop reservations are non-refundable and non-transferable. 

Missed Classes


Expired Passes

Meet Us Online

We know that "life happens". So, up to 3 times per month, don't worry if you forget to show up for a reservation, or can't cancel more than 2 hours before class. But, as a courtesy to the larger Flow community, if you have 4 or more misses in a month, we'll temporarily "freeze" your ability to pre-reserve for classes (for 2 weeks), and remove your current class reservations. We hope and trust that you understand the rationale for this step -- which is simply to ensure that "available" class spots are, in fact, made available to guests of Flow who could use them.

To take off the time pressure (who needs more of that) our 1, 3, 5 and 10-class passes are all good for a full year!   If you have an expired pass that's more than one year old, we regret that we cannot extend it further.

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are wonderful ways to stay connected with us when you are not in the studio. Stay updated with free offerings, contests and giveaways! Our video also gives a wonderful inside peak at life at flow.