We offer 100+ classes each week rooted in tradition that nourish holistic physical and spiritual growth. You'll always find one to fit your mood, your practice, and your schedule. Classes designed for  beginners to experienced practitioners -- classes that’ll make you move and sweat or slow down and relax, that’ll tap your inner dancer or empower the spiritual warrior within, or that'll simply bring you home to your own body to release stress, detoxify, and heal.

Come get strong inside and out.


Some of our classes are heated with our modernized & eco friendly heating panels which provide the perfect blend of heat, moisture and fresh clean air. The temperature ranges from 85-95 degrees based on the season and teacher's discretion. Heated classes will be clearly marked on our schedule and we ask that you bring a towel to attend. Not sure which class is right for you? Meet with our happiness team- we are here to help!


The perfect place to begin and gain comfort and confidence. We move from pose to pose at a deliberate pace to build flexibility, strength & mindfulness, while occasionally pausing to investigate poses & the specifics of alignment.   Absolute beginner also enjoy our Yoga Fundamentals series! 

Open classes move at a steady pace with intelligent options & variations for all levels to explore & progress in a well rounded & dynamic class. Expect creative sequencing and mindful alignment cues as you deepen your practice both physically and spiritually.   

Our yoga playground is designed for experienced yogis.  Expect a full spectrum class that offers advanced poses, creative sequencing, yoga philosophy & mantra producing powerful and transformative experience.     





This 5-week series is perfect for beginners and anyone looking to strengthen the foundation of their existing practice. Classes are limited to 10 students to ensure everyone gets personalized, hands-on attention. All levels. Learn more about our Fundamental Series.


Gentle Flow, calm and therapeutic in nature, is beneficial for stress relief and overall well-being. Deep stretching, meditation and relaxation techniques are practiced. All levels.


Restorative yoga blends moving meditations and bliss-producing therapeutic poses using supportive props. The practice is enhanced with soothing music and aromatherapy to help the body release, relax and renew. All levels.



Yin yoga provides balance and harmony to your active (yang) yoga practice and busy life. The class focuses on gentle yet intense long-held poses (asanas) combined with breath work (pranayamaand meditation. Yin yoga goes beneath the superficial muscles to target the dense connective tissues of the body. All levels.


Yoga nidra consists of breathing exercises (pranayama) and guided meditation to put you in the deepest possible state of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness. Benefits include the release of muscular, emotional and mental tension. All levels.

CLassical hatha

Our hatha classes concentrate on traditional postures (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) & mindfulness,  Emphasis is placed on holding poses which improves core strength, flexibility, balance and concentration and allows ample opportunity to explore each poses structure. Levels 1 and higher.



In this transformative style of yoga we practice asana in a moving meditation, linking poses with the flow of the breath, music, mantra and yoga  philosophy. A practice of effort and ease  we move at a steady pace building heat, endurance, flexibility and strength and ultimately, inner stillness.  You will find this style is incorporated into our Dharma, Jivamukti, Rocket & Bhakti Vinyasa classes.  Levels 1 and higher.


Mysore is a self-practice where you move through the Ashtanga fixed-order of postures (asanas) at your own, comfortable pace. A Flow teacher guides each student individually through the sequence. The class structure is open -  come when you'd like and leave after you feel complete within the scheduled times. Levels 1.5 and higherLearn more about our Mysore program


Jivamukti yoga is a vigorously physical and intellectually stimulating vinyasa style practice open to all levels. Jivamukti classes presents classical yoga teachings supported by breath awareness, flowing sequences, chanting, alignment exploration, hands-on-assitance, relaxation and meditation.  



In this class you'll learn an energetic and innovative approach to vinyasa yoga through a breath-led cycle of creative poses (asanas) cultivated by Shiva Rea. Prana Flow® classes are designed to empower the soul while strengthening the body. Levels 1 and higher.


Designed to nourish mommies-to-be, this warm and supportive class will help you connect with your body and growing baby alongside other local, expectant mothers. Pre-natal yoga eases the aches and pains of pregnancy and assists in preparing the body for labor, delivery and postpartum recovery. All levels.

Monthly Satsang

Our monthly gathering based on the ancient tradition of coming together in community for conversation, mantra & dharma talk to explore spiritual truths and to support the awaking of what is extraordinary in each of us. A free uplifting asana class is held prior to Satsang & our community potluck follows, allowing for the deepening of our connections to each other, our community and our purpose. A Free Event




Meditation improves our overall well-being by developing inner-peace, compassion and wisdom. Through the use of basic yet fundamental exercises, we learn to how to cultivate awareness and accept all of life's challenges. Blankets are provided though many enjoy bringing their own cushions. All levels.

Raja yoga (Satsang)

This 1-hour class each Monday offers insight and conversation around yogic texts, spiritual discourse, mantra, pranayama (breathing techniques), and dhyana (meditation). Everyone is welcome! We also offer a free monthly Satsang on Saturday nights.  All levels.

              Flow Power        

Strong &  sweat inducing.  Flow Power is our offering for vinyasa lovers looking for a physical challenge.  Expect advanced asana playtime and deep flows to build strength and stamina and energy.  Level 1.5 and 2





Our Pilates mat class strengthens and elongates muscles by using your own body weight, gravity and props through controlled exercises. Our Power Pilates class incorporates additional core strengtheners and body conditioning. Both classes will leave you with improved posture, increased lung capacity, and strong, sculpted muscles. All levels.

FLOW FIT & Flow hiit

Intense strength and endurance experiences combining muscle training, Pilates &  cardio,  with the help of fitness balls, blocks, straps, and weights. HIIT classes are High Intensity Integral Training sessions and focus on cardio/muscle and our Fit classes are more akin to body sculpting. All levels.


Budokon Yoga honors its traditional roots of Hatha (posture based) Yoga while weaving in the continuous circular movement found in Martial Arts. It is an athletic flow that builds mindfulness, power,strength and agility. All levels.


Finding A Class 


Need a little help finding a class to suit your style?  Meet with our happiness team- we are here to help and check out our summary below!

beginner friendly:  
Offered at a slower pace these classes focus on the basics of yoga & breath-work. Absolute beginners will love our 5 week series called Yoga Fundamentals.  For drop in classes seek options offered at level 1 or all-levels.  Try hatha, gentle or vinyasa!  Pilates, meditation and afro-brazilian classes are also offered for all levels of practice.

de-stress and relax:
Bring balance to the hectic pace of the city in one of our soothing classes!  For total relaxation in body and spirit - try out yin yoga, harmony restorative & gentle yoga!  Our yoga nidra and meditation classes will bring you a heightened sense of well being & peace.

energize, strengthen & tone:
Our faster paced classes are athletic in nature helping you build strength, confidence & grace in your body and mind.  Usually offered at level 1.5 or higher -try ashtanga, rocket, vinyasa,  jivamukti, mysore,  prana flow, flow-fit , flow hiit & pilates!   Many of our level 1 vinyasa classes will prepare you to venture into these offerings!

healing from pain & dis-ease:  Our restorative classes such as harmony restorative, yin and gentle encourage the mind and body to gently stretch and move in ways that encourage healing.  Hatha, flow 1 and any of our therapeutic workshops and classes pay special attention to the structural nature of poses so your body can naturally realign itself in healthy patterns.   One to one yoga lessons are wonderful options too!

flexibility & stretching:  In every yoga class you will have ample opportunity to increase healthy flexibility in both body and mind.  Depending on your mood and intention you may enjoy our faster paced classes like vinyasa or ashtanga or seek to dive into more relaxing opportunities to practice more seated and reclining poses with longer held stretches.

family style:  Whether you are a mama-to-be or part of a growing family - Flow is family friendly!  Prenatal classes plus our itsy bitsy classes geared towards newborns, tots and tykes are amazing ways to practice mindfulness, play and exercise with your little ones. Just added -- Kid's Martial Arts too!