Welcome to your best workday ever!


CUSTOMIZE your best work day to include these elements

  • built-in wellness breaks including meditation, yoga, and mindful movement (access, opportunity, and support... but no guilt trips!)
  • designated "quiet car" for optimal concentration
  • interactive & communal space for meetings, phone calls, and community
  • healthy snacks & drinks
  • aromatherapy, fresh air, natural light, & green plants (definitely not your typical office setting!)
  • an energetic & helpful staff who is committed to supporting your optimal work/life balance

Here's what your best workday ever can look like...

At 9:30am our doors open. You are welcome to arrive any time after that (you're never "late" to workFlow!). You are free to come & go during our open workFlow hours. Check in at the front desk when you arrive so our friendly workFlow team can greet you with a smile, today's schedule, and a hot cup of freshly brewed coffee or tea. We'd love for you to "BYO" favorite mug, jug, or reusable bottle so you can fill up on our complimentary coffee, tea, and filtered water throughout the day.


Settle in our tea lounge if you like a lively buzz & community while you work & plenty of space to spread out among our comfy cushions & pillows, close to all the coffee, tea, and snacks you'd like throughout the day.

Or you can join us upstairs in our "quiet car," our spacious work room where you can choose between a desk on the floor, supported by blankets, bolsters, and back jacks; a standing desk; or a traditional seated desk.

We invite you to think of our workFlow space as a free-range work space, so you can move around throughout the day from room to room & desk to desk, giving yourself exactly what you need for your most productive & creative work.

While you're in the lounge, feel free to enjoy our aromatherapy bar or choose a small workFlow token to create an inspired miniature altar at your desk. We know what a difference these small infusions of presence, calm, or motivation -- like fresh air, natural light, and green plants -- can make in a work day.

Join us for any or all of our built-in wellness breaks throughout the day. Everything's optional. Your workFlow day pass or monthly membership also includes a choice of one of Flow's yoga classes Monday - Friday between 9:30am & 4:15pm. Be sure to visit your schedule to reserve your space in one of these classes. When you check in each morning, you'll be able to see the time & location of any additional wellness breaks throughout the day, including mini meditations aimed to energize & focus, yoga nidra for restoration & peace of mind, special presentations on wellness-related topics, and private sessions with our Flow teachers.

At 5pm, our workFlow day ends. Thanks in advance for powering your devices down at that time as a consideration so our community -- including you! -- can unplug & settle into an evening of yoga, meditation, & community.

We are here to truly support your best work day ever. Please visit our workFlow team at the front desk to address any needs, issues, comments, or questions. Thank you for spending your day with us.