Our 300-hour teacher training draws directly from the 8 forms of classical yoga to support the evolution of your yoga path as both teacher and practitioner. We welcome you to learn more about the program and apply.

Stay tuned for information about our Spring 2017 training.



This advanced yoga sadhana and teacher training program is designed and led by Flow senior teachers - Brittanie DeChino, Cory Bryant, and Greg Marzullo. Using their combined 25 years of teaching experience, Brittanie, Cory and Greg have developed a curriculum that will guide you deeper into your own personal sadhana (practice) as well as expand and strengthen your teaching skills. This program is designed for 200hr training graduates. Several guest teachers will share their knowledge and expertise throughout the program.


  • Two 5-day immersions and 9 weekend sessions in between
  • 271.5 overall contact hours
  •  One-on-one mentoring with program lead teachers
  • Assistantship with a Flow senior instructor
  • A one-on-one Ayurvedic consultation
  • A deeply discounted one-on-one Jyotish consultation
  • Consistant community support throughout the intensive program
  • Take home projects and home practice  
  • The commitment to going within yourself, to uncover and remove obstacles
  • The intention to get closer to the goal of self-realization.
  • Yoga Alliance Certification (pending)


The topics covered in this course will draw from the 8 classical forms of yoga which share the same goal - transcendence, self-realization, samadhi, bliss, or ecstasy and based on the same principles of yama and niyama, ahimsa, or non-injury/non-harming. The 8 forms can be matched to our varying personalities, conditions and tendencies, which will serve as the lens of our inquiry throughout the training.  

Hatha Yoga - making the body fit for realization, creating a "divine body" through asana

Raja Yoga - training of the mind through meditation

Jnana Yoga - wisdom or knowledge; study of scripture and use of intellect

Karma Yoga - selfless service; all actions are done without expectation

Bhakti Yoga - spiritual devotion; divine love; the way of the heart

Mantra/Nada Yoga - sound vibration, in form of mantra japa, to improve concentration

Kriya/Laya Yoga - arousal and manipulation of kundalini shakti; use of tantra techniques

Samnyasa  - the path of renunciation



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 Payment plans available

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We will begin to accept applications for our Spring training shortly - please check back in shortly or email brittanie@flowyogacenter.com to be put on the announcement list! 


2017 Schedule

We will be posting dates shortly.


Program Outline



Opening 5-Day Immersion
Yogic Lifestyle and The Sacred Texts, Part 1

This weekend investigates yoga as a science and as a lens to explore ourselves and our place in relationships with the world around us both seen and unseen. We will begin an in-depth look at Yama, Niyama, Jnana Yoga and Samnyasa Yoga.


Seat of the Teacher, Bandhas + Koshas
(Hatha-Raja Yoga)

Here we begin to uncover and experience the art of teaching, the seat of the teacher and how your offerings can best resonate with your students including stagecraft, energetics and the paradigm of your path.


Yoga Therapy
(Hatha Yoga)

Our focus is the application of yoga as it relates to therapy and healing. We will investigate the role stress plays in health and experience practical applications of pranayama, asana and meditation to support wellness and diminish stress.



Hands-on Assists, "Teaching through Touch"
(Hatha Yoga)

Physically engaging students by using one's own body to enhance and explore their experience is an invaluable asset in a teacher's toolbox. This weekend we explore the full spectrum of what it means to assist well from energetics to hands-on touch. 


Tantra, Hinduism/World Religions and Defining “God” (Laya Yoga + Jnana Yoga)

The roots of the science of yoga is intricately intertwined with the rich concept of God. This weekend we focus on the notions of the divine, its thrilling mythology and how all of this relates to students' individual psychological journey.


Sanskirt Studies with Andrea Boyd
(Jnana Yoga)

Sanskrit is the ancient language of Yoga. This weekend we gain an understanding for its roots and meanings so we can better transmit the power of practice.



Karma Yoga and Service Project
(Karma Yoga)

Performing action without the ego and without expectations of results is Karma Yoga. Using sacred texts and meditations as the basis for our understanding of compassion and service, we will collaborate and experience a group project.


Yogic Lifestyle and The Sacred Texts,
Part 2

This session continues the exploration of yoga's sacred texts and their modern relevance. We will also incorporate a deeper exploration of mantra and malas.


Bhakti Immersion with Gopi
and Gaura Vani


The path of the Bhakti is spiritual devotion. This weekend we experience kirtan, mantra, meditation and music. True to the Bhakti tradition we will dive into the heart and open the gateway between the lover (you!) and the beloved. 



Teaching Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra (Raja Yoga)

"Raja Yoga is the road of meditation and contemplation, which teaches one how to concentrate the mind, discover the innermost recesses of our minds, then how to generalize their contents and form our own conclusions from them." (Swami Vivekananda). 


Closing 5-Day Immersion
(Hatha-Raja Yoga)

In our final weekend we immerse ourselves in the 8-forms through direct experience. Additionally students will demonstrate their faculty for the program's materials through personal presentation.