Flow Yoga Center - 200 Hour Teacher Training Application

Welcome to our Spring Immersion Application. We would like to get to know you more.

Please fill out the application below. If you have questions, please email debra@flowyogacenter.com

Thank you!

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Can you tell us about your background and experience with yoga?
What motivates you to practice yoga? Do you have any mentors or special teachers?
Tell us about your yoga practice.
Where do currently practice yoga? What styles, level, and with whom?
What challenges you most in your practice? How do you address those challenges?

Do you have any injuries or health conditions we should know about?
Tell us about any teaching experiences you have had.
What motivates you to join Flow's teacher training program? Are you interested in teaching or are you interested in deepening your connecting to the practice?
During the training we will meet for 8 weekends plus you will maintain a schedule of 2-4 classes during the week at Flow (or approved location). Are you able to fulfill the time commitment required to participate fully in our teacher training program? If not please let us know any dates/times that do not work and if you will be able to do make up work in the Summer/Fall to complete program.
As mentioned, during the Teacher Immersion, in addition to joining for the 8 weekend sessions, we ask that you practice 2-4x a week at Flow. While you don't have to decide your weekly schedule now please let us know if you have a strong interest in practicing in any of the following styles: Mysore, Vinyasa, Power, Gentle/Restorative or with any specific teacher.
If a friend who is a graduate of our TT referred you to our program, we'd love to send them a thank you. Please let us know who they are below!