We hope that these simple tips and guidelines will enhance your experience at Flow -- both on and off your mat!  If there's anything at all we can do to assist you or improve your experience at Flow, please drop by anytime or contact us at your convenience at care@flowyogacenter.com or 202 462-FLOW (3569).

Before you Arrive at Flow...

Making Class Reservations
To secure a spot in your favorite classes, we encourage you to purchase a pass and make a class reservation ahead of time.  Once you have an active pass, you can reserve online by clicking “Reserve Now” for any classes you’d like to attend.

If a class is sold out, no worries… You can add yourself to an online waitlist, which will reserve you automatically if/when a spot opens up.

Also, be sure to check Flow's FAQs for other helpful insights like...

At Flow...

We invite you to remove your shoes upon entering Flow to start your own process of unwinding and to provide a clean space for everyone to enjoy.

Please help yourself to complimentary tea and treats in the studio.  All of our sinks offer filtered water. We refrain from using paper and plastic as an effort to reduce waste. We encourage you not to eat at least 2 hours before your practice -- as practicing on an empty stomach will offer a more comfortable and clarifying practice.  And, we ask that you please keep food and bevarages out of the classrooms -- except for water.  

Please make yourself at home and connect with fellow yogis in our lounge, and look out for other guests in class by speaking quietly around the classrooms.  All cell phones and electronics must be turned off in our studios to maintain a sacred space for practice.

We have mats and towels for rent at the studio.  If you tend to sweat during practice having a towel will help prevent the floor from getting slippery so please bring one to class.

For practice we recommend wearing any comfortable clothing that won't restrict your movement.

Keep your small personal valuables safe (esp. your wallet, keys, phone, laptop, etc) by placing them on the shelves provided in each classroom.

Always let your teacher know if you have any injuries or special health conditions.  And, always listen to your own body and intuition! Pushing yourself beyond your point of comfort and into pain is not part of any yoga practice.  Yoga is not at all a competitve practice -- it is a practice intended to make you your best self.

Please let us know if there is anything at all we can do to help you
by stopping by our front desk or asking your teacher.