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Eco-Friendly Center

In 2009 Flow was awarded the Mayor's Award of Environmental Excellence.  Representing the next evolution of socially conscious businesses, at FLOW we are 100% committed to making environmentally responsible decisions in how we run our center.   Our studio is designed in an eco-friendly way - with as little negative impact on the environment as possible.  Design features include: low voc paints,  marmoleum, cork and bamboo floors, low flush toilets, furniture purchased from companies who ensure products have come from certified forests, eco-friendly air dryers and incorporating as many recycled elements into the space as possible, (check out the doors on our studios!).   We recently expanded our space working with both a LEED certified builder and architect.

Flow Yoga StudioFlow Yoga StudioWe carry this practice of sustainable design through to our daily operational choices - purchasing all recycled or organic products for office use, reducing waste through using glass instead of paper, having a water filtration system (vs. plastic water bottles),  using 100% post consumer recycled paper for brochures, sign in sheets etc, and more!   Flow is often highlighted and interviewed on its sustainable business model. and practices.  Read what Yoga Journal and Yoga & Joyful Living & Body and Soul Magazine has to say about Flow's Green Yoga Center!





Promoting Sustainable Consumerism
Our eco-tique Glow, is filled with clothing and accessories sourced from conscious suppliers who are committed to using best practices from manufacturing using eco-friendly resources through delivery!   Soy candles; organic lavender filled eye pillows, hand made meditation cushions from Nepal, stylish and functional yoga wear made from bamboo, corn, soy and organic cotton;  cruelty free lotions, potions and sprays; natural rubber yoga mats, books, dvds and cds line our shelves allowing yogis to make purchases with the environment in mind.

3 Ways You Can Practice Your Yoga More Lightly On Mother Earth

  1. Give up bottled water.  According to the Sierra Club, 1.5 million barrels of water are used to make plastic water bottles every year in the U.S.  Try a PVC-free stainless steel water bottle (like Sig or Kleen Kanteen) and refill it regularly.  At flow, our Kleen Kanteens are sold AT COST to promote less plastic and our water from every sink is filtered!
  2. Exchange your old PVC mat for one of our eco-mats and donate your old one.  For every eco-friendly mat you purchase, a tree will be planted!
  3. Practice in organic cotton, hemp, soy or bamboo clothing.  The production of non-organic cotton is responsible for 25% of the United States insecticide usage.

Eco Partnerships

Our partnership with Trees for The Future enables us to plant trees throughout the year via studio promotions and eco-friendly purchases at our Eco-tique, Glow.

Actively involved in the local DC community, we recently embarked along with our partners at Java Green as the host committee of Live Green - a new non profit organization dedicated to fostering community through connecting businesses and consumers who care about making environmentally-appropriate choices, both locally here in Washington DC and internationally.

Flow is also a member if the DC Sustainable Business Network, a group whose mission is building a more socially, environmentally, and financially sustainable local economy. 

Flow is very proud to be a founding business member of the Green Yoga Association, and we continue to actively seek new ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices in all that we do. We are always interested in your input on how to maximize our commitment and are happy to share ideas with you on how to incorporate environmentally decisions in your life.