Our Vision

Flow is a community space that is a true reflection of yoga: loving, vibrant, conscious, healing, unifying, and transformative. We bring this spirit to every level of our business and community, and manifest our vision by offering...

A Warm & Inviting Space. We are dedicated to making everyone who comes through Flow’s doors feel like a welcomed friend, and creating an oasis to balance our busy urban lives. An authentic smile, a cup of tea, a clean, cozy and supportive space to practice, lounge, and mingle ... These are just some of the ways we love to nourish you on and off the mat and create a nurturing home for our community to connect and thrive.

Extraordinary Teachers. Flow's teachers are widely recognized as the best in DC! We are honored that such an inspirational and dedicated tribe of teachers calls Flow their home. Their expertise, experience, and passion shine through in the classroom. It’s a difference in Flow's classes you can feel.

A Rich Class Schedule. With over 80 classes every week, you’ll always find one to fit your mood, your practice, and your schedule. Our classes are rooted in respected, profound traditions that nurture holistic physical, mental, and spiritual growth. Offerings range from classes designed for absolute beginners to deeply experienced practitioners -- classes that’ll make you move and sweat or slow down and relax, that’ll tap your inner dancer or empower the warrior within you, or that'll simply bring you home to your own body to release stress, detoxify, and heal.

World-Class Guest Teachers. Magic can happen when you drink directly from the source. Flow is humbled and honored to host a stellar line-up of world class yogis, change agents and global visionaries -- including Shiva Rea, Sharon Gannon & David Life, Seane Corn, and many others. We feel genuinely blessed that our teachers' teachers have made Flow their DC home-away-from-home, and that we can help share their light with the nation’s capital.

Yoga for Health & Wellness. Modern medicine has started to embrace what yogis have known for a long time: that, in the hands of a gifted therapist, yoga has a profound power to heal. Flow’s Wellness program is led by a group of talented yoga therapists dedicated to affirming and supporting your innate power to heal. Through regular workshops, small group classes and private one-on-one sessions, they’ve helped countless people leverage yoga to manage conditions, reduce symptoms, restore balance, and regain health.

Care for Life on Earth. Fresh air. Filtered water. Freedom from toxins. Our center was designed by a LEED-certified architect, received the DC Mayor's Award for Environmental Excellence and was featured in Yoga Journal as a standard for how to run an eco-friendly studio. Virtually every choice we make aims to reduce our eco-footprint and help us live in greater harmony with our planet.

Activism. We gather regularly with the Flow community to take our yoga off the mat and raise funds for local and global causes that are close to our heart. We also recognize the power of uniting people for causes larger than ourselves, and are proud to be founding organizers of DC’s annual Global Mala, DC Yoga Week and Yoga on the Mall.