"Top instructors in the city, plus, super nice staff and beautiful space" -yelp ... "The studio, students & teachers collectively have a great vibe" - cityvoter.com ... "great selection of classes: Flow is awesome" - yahoo.com ... "Flow has a wonderful staff, working in a wonderful space" - cityvoter.com ... "I adore Flow!!" - yelp

Press and Community Feedback

We are incredibly proud of the huge amounts of press Flow receives - and know it is a direct reflection of the passion and creativity of our teachers as well as our thriving community of dedicated yogis and yoginis who make Flow such a special place to practice.



"Wherever you are, whatever your circumstance may be, whatever misfortune you may have suffered, the music of your life has not gone.  It is inside you - if you listen to it, you can play it."  -Nido Qubein

Community Experience

"I have practiced yoga across the United States, and Flow never failed to amaze me with its warmth, atmosphere, incredibly talented teaching staff and genuine sense of community.  I am also continually impressed by owner Debra Mishalove's dedication to eco-activism and environmental awareness in every aspect of the studio's work."  Emily K, law student

I have been to a couple other yoga studios in the area and what I like about Flow is that there is more a sense of community with the other students as well as the teachers. Yoga has become so popular these last few years, it is refreshing to come to a studio that is so relaxed and friendly."  Sinead Q.  a Social Worker in DC takes both Yoga and Pilates classes at Flow.

"Flow is a perfect blend of challenging classes, beautiful spaces and awesome teachers who seem to teach from their own experiences rather then a cookie cutter manual.  Flow is one of my favorite things about DC and certainly my favorite studio in town!"
Kelly K.  Media Consultant who is taking the step from Essentials to Shakti Flow!

"The studios are beautiful, and I have loved each of the teachers I have taken classes with.   Challenging and well designed classes.   I love the friendly vibe of Flow."  Thanks for opening in my neighborhood.  Nicole W.  Lobbyist and Ashtanga enthusiast

"I absolutely love Harmony Flow.  I try to take it at least once a week.  Both teachers, Christine and Laura are soothing, inspiring and I leave feeling like I am walking on a cloud.  Thank You!"  Mark,  Enviromental Policy Lawyer
"I am new to yoga, my  and I have now attended two of Faith’s Flow classes. She is a marvelous instructor. Our initial thought was to take Yoga Fundamentals, we are thinking we will stay in the Flow 1 class on Wed. nights, primarily due to the energetic and soothing and accepting ways of your instructor."  Lauren & Mirit
Studio Survey Comments:
"I really enjoy classes with Angela (from Alabama).  I also just love and admire how often Debra smiles during class. Her smile is so winning and so very encouraging.  I also really like how Laura (blonde) exclaims, "beautiful!" while you work with her. That's so helpful. I also really like Debra and blonde Laura's music. I also really appreciate it when the teacher "corrects" my pose. I like the help and appreciate the touch during the class -- it is good to be connected and grounded and gently corrected."   

"I've really enjoyed Andi Franchini's teaching style and her ability to make me feel like I can accomplish positions that I have found very challenging."
"I love Angela's Sunday classes--they are always challenging and her focus on keeping the movement in every posture is a great tool. I think that it provides a great compliment to both Rex and Andrea's classes which are great at bringing awareness about positioning in each posture."
"I really enjoyed Kate's Anusara class!"
"Afro-Brazilian teacher is the best! Meditation teacher is terrific also."
"I've really enjoyed working with Jill, her classes are inspiring."
"Thank you for bringing Pilates-- Annie's classes are fun and challenging.  A perfect compliment to yoga!"
"Laura, who taught the beginning yoga series is OUTSTANDING."
"I love Angela's Sunday classes--they are always challenging and her focus on keeping the movement in every posture is a great tool. I think that it provides a great compliment to both Rex and Andrea's classes which are great at bringing awareness about positioning in each posture."
"Gail is wonderful, as is Para. It's also really great when the flow teachers follow class with aromatherapy stuff. "
"I love both Kate and Elizabeth (her sub). They're both amazing."

"I like Hugh who leads the Meditation class. He is great."
"Laura Zam - seriously, she couldn't be better - I concur with those testimonials on your site about her teaching style and patience with beginners."

"What I have seen of your teaching staff has been excellent. I particularly enjoyed learning from Rex, and was impressed by his knowledge and how he challenged me throughout the class."
"The teachers are good. I really like Para."
"I like Hugh who leads the Meditation class. He is great."
"Andrea is great!"
"I love the atmosphere of the studio, very homelike."

"I LOVE Angela C.  Her classes are playful and challenging. I also really like Kate and Debra."

"So far I've taken only two classes - Meditation with Dr. Byrne and belly dancing with Zayla. Both are great."
"What I have seen of your teaching staff has been excellent. I particularly enjoyed learning from Rex, and was impressed by his knowledge and how he challenged me throughout the class."
"I love both Kate and Elizabeth (her sub). They're both amazing."
"Gail Harris--Inspiring, funny, and always a great workout!"
"Afro-Brazilian teacher is the best! Meditation teacher is terrific also."
"Having practiced extensively in NYC and LA, I found the teachers at Flow to be similar in style and substance."
"Each instructor has a different style. I've most enjoyed classes with Debra -- she's patient, candid, and helpful, which is particularly important to a relative beginner like me."
"Laura (teaches Flow 2 on Saturdays) is so kind and attentive. She's wonderful. I've always been uncomfortable with the spiritual incorporation of yoga, but she makes it feel very natural and soothing."
"Angela and Christine (massage) are fantastic."
"I think that Debra is amazing. She doesn't just make it a beginner class. She really does give a wide range of poses and ways to complete the poses."
"I really enjoy Jill's level 2 class!  She is very inspiring."
"Annie does a really good job with beginners in Pilates."
"Laura is great - her philosophy, attitude, and teaching style are fantastic."
"I love Angela's Flow 2 class and I've enjoyed Kate's Anusara class (although I haven't been to many). Overall, I think all of the teachers are great: supportive, enthusiastic and open to suggestions."
"I have really enjoyed Gail's classes. She is an outstanding instructor."

Yoga Fundamentals (beginners' class) Graduates Comments:

"On a scale of 1 - 10, I would rate the class a 10!  Laura was gentle, insightful, funny and gave great explanation of the poses.  This is a great course for beginners and I would highly recommend it."  Sara M.  a Fundraising Executive who takes yoga classes whenever she can!

"I was challenged yet did not feel unable to do the new poses.  The atmosphere is quite pleasant.  I think Laura was extremely knowledgeable and has a great demeanor."  Michael S, an Environmental Engineer and now a Flow 1 student!

"I rate the class a 10.  The space is beautiful, and the instructor was very good at explaining the poses and helping adjust for them  Namaste!" Andrew M, a webmaster turned yogi (who also enjoys hiking and biking around DC)

"I wouldnt change anything, except making the class 8 weeks--more time to learn!  Laura seems to understand what it is like to be a beginner.  I loved the meditation and plan on taking your class on Mondays."  Carrie, who finds yoga de-stresses her from her hectic lawyer job!

Bellydance Comments:

"Every class with Zalya is unique, as we let the music, the spirit of the group and Zalya’s fun and creative expression of the movements take over.  I am a beginning belly dance student with Zalya at Flow Yoga Center.  The music and culture of the Middle East lured me to belly dance classes a few months ago, being so different from my Irish background.  The passion and the richness of the culture have become more tangible to me as I experience the moves in Zalya’s classes.  She has an incredible gift of making the class informative, yet fun and spontaneous as we explore new dance moves and incorporate them into our past experiences.  Zalya is very supportive and encouraging as we try each move, guiding us patiently and challenging us to perfect each move, but never in a critical tone.  Her class is the highlight of my week – I always look forward to getting in touch with the Middle Eastern side of my Irish self!"  Wendy, who shimmies with Zalya each Wed evening at Flow!

"I attended the belly dance class last night with Zayla and I absolutely loved it.  She had this wonderful positive vibe from her and which made me feel very comfortable. Her instructions were easy to follow and I liked the fact that she brought in books that she recommended to learn more about belly dancing.  She also read from one to inspire and to help us understand the dance.  I truly enjoyed the class and it was just what I needed.  I will be registering for the ten week class and I am looking forward to it. " Glenda, a researcher in an investment banking firm who enjoys working on her creative eye in photography, drawing and a bit of interior design.
Blissful BootCamp Feedback:

"I can't tell you how much I love the boot camp classes - they make me feel great all day!  I am a beginner, but Angela makes me feel really comfortable, even when the rest of the class is working on more difficult poses.  I would love for you to offer it all summer - or at least have some more early morning classes."  Kara M.

"I just wanted to let you know how much I've been enjoying Flow Yoga's Blissful Bootcamp.  It's an invigorating and joyful way to start each weekday.  Angela has skillfully combined a cardio warm-up with yogic poses that are challenging to all yet still accessible to beginners like me.  I definitely feel a difference in my body, and bootcamp has become a welcome part of my morning routine."  Carolyn H.
The testimonials below are among those entered by unique users who have participated in the WUSA 9 Washington DC contest.

"love the studio, simple, a little eclectic and groovy" by tracey 3:23 PM

"the teachers are kind and knowledgable" by ella watson 9:48 PM

"The spirit and energy of Debra, Ian, teachers, and volunteers are what makes Flow sacred space. I could feel it the first time I walked into the studio. Their is a love energy that cannot be explained by words existing in this space. Peace and Love." by Ananda Leeke 6:25 PM

"The instructors are awesome and the atmosphere is friendly and happy. Best yoga in DC? No way. Best yoga on the east coast!" by Spencer A. 6:19 PM

"Eco-friendly bliss!" by Sonya 2:47 PM
"They offer a wide variety of classes from the traditional to the obsecure and are extremely friendly and welcoming. also, I love their website!!"
by Ellen 8:49 AM
"Ian & Deb ROCK !!!" by Ralph Manigat 11:49 AM

"Flow Yoga Center is the best because it's pure yoga with no pretention. The teachers are great, and the owner lives by her word. Her studio lives and breathes her attitude on life, and each time I'm there I feel it rubs off on me a little more. Flow is making the world a better place to live in."
by A B 10:48 AM
"Flow is a home away from home. They really have sunk their heart and soul into the place and invited the community to be part of their family."
by Norman N 2:01 PM
"Sense of community, beautiful and relaxing environment, exciting and innovative workshops, classes and teachers, and commitment to the environment in every aspect of the studio. I adore Flow!!" by Julie Schwartz 7:35 PM
"The staff and ownership are always very supportive. " by Barbara Martorana 6:50 PM
"They listen to what kinds of classes and workshops we students want and make them happen. Wonderful attention." by Malia 10:35 AM
"Great variety of classes and workshops, wonderful teachers, lovely tranquil studios, amazing location."  by MK 10:33 AM
"Fabulous staff, very beautiful space." by Melissa 8:58 AM
"The atmosphere is so relaxed and inviting. Even on your first visit, you feel comfortable." by Kristen Mueller 11:58 AM
"Great, knowledgeable teachers; mellow, inviting atmosphere, thoughtful, non-competitive students. A real yoga community!"
by Leah Kalinosky 8:39 AM
"The teachers are really excellent. They offer a nice selection of classes as well, for lots of different levels at lots of different times. I really enjoy my time there, it usually is the best part of my day." by Alison 12:14 PM
"Simply put, the owner's dog is so centered, that I was so inspired that now I would like to be reincarnated as a pooch."
by Blane W 10:33 PM

"I love the spirit of community - charitable donations are made on a continuing basis, information on topics of interest / concern are continually provided (ex: rally for Darfur) Plus, lots of different complimentary practices available such as pilates, belly dancing and meditation. Great workshops. Skilled and kind-hearted teachers who guide us through interesting and varied classes and who are are also willing to answer questions outside class and share their time, knowledge, and books. I love this place!!" by Maria 12:34 PM
"The energy and atmosphere of Flow Yoga Center is what makes it such a wonderful place to practice. Throughout your visit a calming, soothing, loving energy surrounds and supports you. This is why I love being there." by Jeannette Jackson 11:51 AM
"Amazing teachers and a beautiful, eco-friendly space." by Jessica Weiss 10:31 AM
"Great teachers, variety of classes and fun special events, great location next to Whole Foods." by Camron Assadi 2:48 PM
"They really care about people, animals, the environment, and most of all, YOGA. They're yoga-riffic!" by Jim Ospens 12:52 PM
"dedicated instructors that are caring and well training, fun classes, good schedule" by meryl ospenson 11:40 AM
"each week we go to the monday night class -- great studio." by jimbo 9:41 AM
"teachers, space, class schedule, price" by karen 9:38 AM
"wonderful teachers, great community" by Rebecca Stack 9:01 AM
"Awesome teachers!" by lilly 5:43 PM